Plug-In Hybrid Honda Civic In The Works?


New 2017 Honda Civic

New 2017 Honda Civic

Honda execs think that diesel may be on the way out, so under consideration for the all-new 2017 Honda Civic is electrification.

It’s not entirely clear which electric route Honda may take with the Civic, but plug-in hybrid seems most likely.

As Auto Express reports:

“Honda is already considering fitting the all-new Civic with a hybrid powertrain according to company bosses, Auto Express can reveal.”

“We are thinking about it,” Inoue-san told us. “After the [Volkswagen] emissions scandal, we have to think about it. We are big on hybrid in Japan and the US. We have that technology and we are thinking about it.”

Conventional hybrid or plug-in? Well…conventional hybrids are largely a dying breed, so we think PHEV is the path Honda will choose.

Mitsuru Kariya, Civic development leader, hints that there may be more than one hybrid version offered:

“The new platform is very flexible and has incorporated the possibility for future hybrid versions. The evolutionary steps from a diesel engine are now more or less limited, so we are shifting resources from diesel to electrification. A hydrogen fuel cell is not in our plan for the moment.”

Why all this Civic talk? The answer is simple, according to Kariya:

“The Civic is our biggest selling car globally, We sell 600,000 units per year – so if the Civic fails, Honda will fail.”

So, yeah…Honda has to get it right and if the public demands a PHEV Civic, then Honda will have to offer one.

Source: Auto Express

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They can start with 65+ miles of all electric range, please.

The Civic hybrid has a 20 hp motor, they need a 60 hp motor and planetary CVT without violating any patents.

Put Honda 1000cc motorcycle engine (176 HP, 12,500 RPM redline) in Civic and it’d be nice. High revving engine would feel right at home with ricers. Put 80 miles range EV with DCFC on top of that as PH setup, and it’d be fantastic with no emissions in normal driving.

Are you a rider yourself?
If not, note that motorcycle engines (Honda’s and everybody else’s) are very different in general characteristics from car engines.
On a motorcycle, the prime requirement is getting a lot of power from a small, relatively lightweight engine (and gearboxes are usually part of the engine casing and use the same oil circuit to save space/weight).
Therefore the engines tend to require a lot of maintenance (oil changes & valve checks every 4K miles are still the standard), and are not fuel-efficient relative to car engines.
Emissions reqs are also much weaker for motorcycles than for cars.
In the EU, 5x difference.

also these high powered super bike engines are very high compression, require high octane full and have nowhere near the longevity/reliability needed for a passenger car. Just not a good idea.

The Honda VFR engine is bomb proof and in a hybrid application where it was running at fixed RPM there is no reason it couldn’t have the power and longevity required to serve in a car.

I hope they don’t follow the path of the Plug-in Accord disaster.

Start w/a decent EV range, and don’t price it in the stratosphere. Otherwise it’s DOA.

agreed, shoulda’ been dead-on-the-drawing-board in a company that prides itself in cost-effective design.

Guessing the non-fiction tome regarding powerful voices within the Two will see publication soon. There is ample circumstantial evidence that Someone was unwilling to even discuss PlugIn in two Japanese companies – not an FCEV condemnation, just unimaginable that these Two would not pursue both alternatives, as opposed to the Lexus-arm of one being a Loud Opponent of a valid consideration.

SOoo.. R&D budgets? or simple, let the BEV crowd take the R&D hit, and we’ll clean up after the fact, since no one cares anymore who invented what.

The companies that developed 1.5L 4-bangers that could take ~31 atmospheres (j/k) of turbo in F1 Can Not figger out that electric turbo-charging is pretty cool? Then adjust the battery carriage according to customer desire and pocketbook? But again, yep, they will, but only after others have footed the bill for the R&D, volume pricing, etc. etc.


“I hope they don’t follow the path of the Plug-in Accord disaster.”

Heck, I hope they don’t follow the path of ALL their previous hybrids in general. Except for the original Insight knocking it out of the park in gasoline MPG’s, they have all failed marketing wise. And then there’s their battery fiasco……

As much as I’d love them to add this to their lineup, I don’t think they’d pull off a proper PHEV in the civic package. They Civic hybrid lost the fold-down seat access to the trunk. The Accord PHEV lost half the trunk to boot! IMO, only the Insight was a properly packaged hybrid. Incidentally, it was the only one purpose-built as a hybrid.

I think they should accelerate their Clarity PHEV plans, and wait on hydrogen. A new platform designed for a PHEV powertrain will result in a much better vehicle than shoe-horning it into the Civic, just because that’s their most popular vehicle.

Just my two cents. But Honda has lost me anyway as a once-loyal customer. I drove a whole line of Hondas (Prelude, S2000, Civic hatchback), but they no longer build anything that interests me.

I agree. They should build a PHEV on a dedicated platform to do it right.

If they wanted they still could style it in a similar way to the Civic and even call it a Civic PHEV if they want. But don’t just stuff a battery under the back seats and into the hatch space.

People will buy it regardless of the specs. It’s a Civic, the bread and butter compact sedan. Just give us some jam too, Honda! 🙂

I suppose the hatchback makes the most sense since the battery will “invade” cargo space the least but think a CRV (followed by the HRV) would be the best vehicle for PHEV treatment…

I wonder how much of the hybrid tech comes from the deal with GM?

Didn’t Honda and GM sign an agreement to allow Honda to licence the voltec hardware. Could we see this used in the Civic.

Hyundai Ionic, already on the way.

Where’s the 200 mile EV for $35k?

Nowhere to be found, from any OEM. You won’t see one of those until 2018 at the earliest.

Its called a Chevy Bolt, sales start December this year.

Close, but nope. Chevy Bolt starts at $37,495.

Honda has been a total loser in the hybrid and PHEV space. I don’t really see them offering anything competitive. They’ll probably just make a me-too product for carb states with less than 20 miles of range. Expect them to sell 100 per month.

We’ve had two Prius’s. A 2008 [reg. hybrid] and a 2012 Plug In.
Neither has given any trouble of any sort.
I would prefer Honda Civic go with the Plug-In Hybrid over the regular Hybrid.
Our 2012 averages 66 mpg combined. That is 19 mpg better than the regular hybrid.
I believe that if the Civic is designed with extra room and comfort for the driver in mind, it could be a great big hit for Honda. [I need more luxury for the driver’s side]
Of course the price must be kept within the low $30k.
I like the Clarity but at this time the over-all performance relative to pricing is just not in the band I would like to have.
I’m still comparing.