Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales In US: 220,000 Now, 250,000 By September


This Is When 250,000 Will Be Surpassed

This Is When 250,000 Will Be Surpassed

220,000 And Counting

220,000 And Counting

Plug In America president Richard Kelly is looking forward to two events that will occur later this year: Cumulative sales of plug-in electric vehicles exceed 250,000 in US and National Drive Electric Week begins:

“Some of you may have noticed that our vehicle sales ticker rolled over 200K. We’re having an internal happy dance, but holding back on a more public celebration until we roll over 250K, which should be near National Drive Electric Week.”

Writes Plug In America president Richard Kelly.

According to Plug In America’s sales ticker, cumulative sales of plug in electric vehicles in the US are now well over 220,000 units.

As a point of interest, our own tracking of US sales concurs with an estimated 214,692 plug-in sales through May, meaning number 220,000 was passed sometime late in the second week of June.

At the current monthly rate, that 250,000 figure should be achieved in either August or September, so there will then be one quarter of a million plug-in electric vehicles on US roads!!!

Source: Plug In America

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The sales of electric cars are going to grow like the Flood in Stephen Baxter’s Book Flood.

Such as in the book the flood was rising at 5% and it’s rate of rise was doubling every five years. In the case of the EV’s next year they will most likely sell 200,000 but that’s only if they can build them fast enough.

Get out your crystal balls and predict when there will be more plug-in vehicles on the roads vs. non-plug-ins.

I’ll go first; the year 2053. 🙂

I’ll go with 2045. It will take another decade or so to make them popular. Then it will take a couple decades to reduce the gas burners with old age.

Also: last April Global sales passed the 500,000 mark!

it amazes me that most people around me here in Texas are still oblivious to the existence of plug-in cars. And those that are aware of them have a complete misconception on just about every aspect of them.

I lived in Texas. No I am not amazed.

Keep in mind that Texas is more or less its own country given its size. Here in Austin we have a neighborhood with the largest concentration of EVs in the US, although I have seen this in print several times I have never seen a source (Texas Monthly seems to be the source for most of the repeats I have seen).

I did see that this past January the utility has 434 EV drivers subscribed to its $5 per month plan to plug-in at over 100 charging points…no telling how many EV owners are in Austin proper.

Scott and David,

I live in rural Texas. About a year ago a man stopped at the local gas station.

He was driving a standard Prius, not a plug-in.

That is the closest thing I’ve seen to a true electric car in the last 5 years.

Well rural Texas is not a good application for EVs. That Prius is though.

EVs are best for typical light-duty commuter driving. Work, school, grocery store, etc.

I can’t leave my house without seeing plug-ins. They are everywhere where I live.

Didn’t Barack Obama set a goal of 1 million EVs by 2015? Well, I doubt we hit that but we will certainly be closer than I thought we would be. We will at least be in the ball park by the end of 2015.

Before year end, there will be more than one plug-in every thousand cars on US roads, I believe. Nice.