Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales UK – YTD Model By Model


Recently, we stumbled upon this presentation slide, which shows year-to-date sales of plug-in vehicles in the UK through the end of September.

The slide was shown at a Nissan event of some sort and it clearly demonstrates Nissan’s dominance in the plug-in sector.

LEAF sales are shown at 2,969 units, up 200% compared to 2013.

The only competition for the LEAF is the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV at 2,726 units.

No other plug-in vehicle is even close to these two top sellers.

Of note is that BMW i3 and BMW i3 REx sales are broken out, showing that the REx version outsells the pure electric.

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Note that those registrations not sales, so for example it includes Loaners and Test drive vehicles from Tesla

The article says sales.

The numbers are same as SMMT, which are registrations.

Ah, no, I track the SMMT data and this is not the SMMT data.

YDT SMMT is 757 for the “other” category which contains Tesla during the months that Tesla delivered to the UK. The actual numbers are harder to come by, but the 478 seems realistic.

In most places, dealer tags do not count towards new car registration. Realist, can you point to where you think dealer tags are counted towards new car sales?

Boy that’s pathetic.
What’s wrong with these people from the UK.

Hi David 🙂

I dunno. YOU tell me!


It’s probably to do with the massive range anxiety that the UK media and government do their best to spread. You’ll probably find all those cars were sold in Glasgow, London, or Birmingham and Liverpool where the concentrations of chargers are the highest.

Annoyingly, Ireland is covered in a unified charger network that stretches from Belfast to Cork but I seldom see electric cars on the road.

The point of great note is that the Ampera is selling OK, relative to some other models, including i3 REx. And so it should with the right price.

A few thing surprised me:

– The Outlander PHEV is selling even better than i expected, right now it must be by far the Best-Selling Plug-in in the UK;

– The Vauxhall Ampera is responsible for half the sales of the Ampera/Volt in Europe, maybe a 2015/6 Vauxhall Volt wouldn’t be such a bad idea;

-BMW’s are selling less than i expected, availability issues?

– The Renault Zoe and Tesla Model S are also selling better than expected.

Taking the Outlander cue, why doesn’t GM offer a Voltec Equinox CUV? Doesn’t seem to make sense. A vast number of CUV are sold in the USA, for example, and that is a potential market yet untapped by Mitsubishi. When Mits comes to the USA with the plug in Outlander, then GM and others will have that competition to deal with out of the gate. They should have considered a 2015 introduction of PiHV Equinox and then 2016 Volt Gen-2.