Plug-In Electric Car Sales In UK Up By 83% in June

JUL 16 2015 BY MARK KANE 4

Nissan LEAF Acenta+

Nissan LEAF Acenta+ trim now available in UK

June brought an 83% increase in plug-in electric car sales in the UK to 2,303 registrations and nearly 0.9% of market share.

Plug-in hybrids again took a larger part of the market (1,394) than pure EVs (909).

In the first half, sales already exceed 14,000, which is nearly 250% more than in 2014!

Nissan celebrates sales of 10,000 LEAFs, while Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV crossed the 10,000 mark earlier this year.

Some two-thirds of all plug-in cars in UK are LEAF and Outlander PHEV now.

Plug-in Car Registrations in UK – June 2015

Plug-in Car Registrations in UK – June 2015

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Being up YTD over the year before only really matters a couple years into the cycle. Of course it’s going to be a huge jump when they only really started selling numbers later last year.

Yes, but the numbers will rise for sure until 2020 with new models going for sale each year.

I see a lot of Outlanders now, unfortunately it’s only possible to tell if it’s a PHEV from the side or rear so most of the time I can’t tell if they are plugins but I expect at least half I see are.

0.9% of market share…shameful numbers. We must do better. If you read this message..GET AN EV NOW..STOP MAKING EXCUSES