Plug-In Electric Car Sales On Pace To Double Hybrids In First Five Years After Introduction

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If It Has a Plug....It's an EV


Plug In America compared sales of hybrid and plug-in (hybrid and all-electric) cars in the US in their first years of wide market availability in modern times.

With 350,000 plug-ins under the belt, and still a few months before we fully close out the first five-year period, EVs are on track for 400,000, which would be double the sales result for hybrids in their first five years.

 Counting started in December 2010 when Chevrolet Volt and Nissan LEAF hit the market and noted first deliveries.

Both the Nissan LEAF and Chevrolet Volt remain market leaders with over 80,000 sales in US.

Plug-in cars are much more difficulty to sell as their prices are higher than conventional hybrids and some consumers are not willing to buy them because insufficient range and lack of a home charging spot. Current pace of sales should be considered as good, though hybrids typically didn’t receive high support in the form of tax credits and state rebates as plug-in cars do today.

Source: Plug In America

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It would be interesting to compare the worldwide sales.

It would also be interesting to compare PHEVs and BEVs individually to HEVs (Hybrids) acuminate sales.

Expect both PHEVs and BEVs will individually exceed HEVs sales at the 5 year mark.

hybrid sold in 2007: ~500.000
EV sold in 2015: ~450.000 – 480.000

hybrid sold in germany 2007: ~8000
BEV sold in germany 2014: ~8000

I give some substantial credit to CARB. With the hybrids, it was pretty much only Toyota making the Prius early on and everyone else largely just waited.

But with CARB’s ZEV mandates, pretty much everyone has to make some type of plug-in car or buy credits. With a wider variety of choices, we get more sales. And the technology improves faster.

Keep them coming !

Hybrids also received tax credits in the early years. I know because I filed out the form for our 2001 Honda Insight. The hybrid credits weren’t as high as the top PEV credits are, but hybrids represent a less dramatic shift in technology.

I also have to note the consumer response is completely different. There was no National Drive a Hybrid Week.

National Drive Electric Week, Sept 12-20, has 191 events across the US and Canada, plus Hong Kong and New Zealand. We have 10,000 people signed up to attend, including over 3,000 PEV owners bringing their cars to show and share their experience driving electric.

Nothing like that happened for hybrids.

They always forget the changed over vehicles to EV. There are a lot of EV clubs out there that have their own EVs. A changed over vehicle to EV is way easier to maintain than the best ICE vehicle out there. Also these individuals are changing their batteries to lithium. Also costs of lithium batteries is dropping and not going up