Plug-In Electric Car Sales Outlook For Switzerland

JUL 31 2015 BY MARK KANE 9

Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S

Switzerland surprised us this year by climbing into relatively high plug-in electric car sales.

According to EV Sales Blog, in June sales for the very first time exceeded 500, hitting a record of 544 registrations (part of the data is estimations).

Another record is 253 Tesla Model S EVs sold in June and 638 so far this year (BMW i3 is second with 451 YTD, while Renault ZOE is third at 228).

Switzerland’s market is growing at a rapid pace and we believe there are no special incentives pushing this rush.

When we combine sales results with total number of automotive registrations, we see 1.6% market share for plug-in cars out of the total new car market.

Plug-In Car Sales In The Switzerland (EV Sales Blog data) – June 2015

Plug-In Car Sales In The Switzerland (EV Sales Blog data) – June 2015

Since June 2013, Switzerland has over 5,200 new plug-in cars registered.

1,347 of them (25%) over that period where Tesla Model S EVs.

Cumulative Plug-In Car Sales In The Switzerland (EV Sales Blog data) – June 2015

Cumulative Plug-In Car Sales In The Switzerland (EV Sales Blog data) – June 2015

Data source: EV Sales Blog,

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The purchase of Tesla’s indicate higher levels of value and environmental consciousness exhibited and enjoyed by the Swiss.


The Model S outsold the Audi A6, Mercedes E, BMW 5, Opel Insignia and the Ford Mondeo this June in Switzerland.


Allso in sweden we have been above 1
% market shear for thre month so far.
(Not as good as the swiss, butt still.
Thats is despite that the new goverments has put alott of unsertanty and faild prommises around incentives.

Micke Larsson

Nah, Sweden has been over 1% sales in plug-ins for every single month since January 2014, 15 months in a row.

The last year ended with a total of 1,6%. Last month was at 2,8% and so far this year it is at 2,2%.

Soon Sweden will be in the 1000 sales per month club (which would be about 4% of total sales).

But it will get really interesting in 2017 when some new (hopefully massive) incentives (and disincentives) most likely will be introduced.

Micke Larsson

17 months in a row of course, not 15 😛 Or rather 18 now even though the statistics for the month are not published until monday.

Fossil free by 2030 – here we go.


Yes, i whas thinking of pure BEV


I find it anoying that the incentiv/disinsentive has been prosponed, and changed because of lobyists from volvo.
It was suposed to start 1st january 2015 and work abitt as norways system with a tax at the purchas of a thirsty car, but volvo thought it w
Ould deter ppl from buying their cars to much so it changed to spread out the cost over the life of the wiacle so it wont seem so much for the buyer.
It was allso prosponed to 2016.
(Thats why the money for the old incentive pacage (~4000€) has run out and ppl dont know how long they will gett it for)
The noumbers


Thanks for the update.


A good sign… It’s a small country with lots of non-dirty electricity generation (56% from hydro and 38% from nuclear), so there’s certainly reason to go electric much sooner than in countries which depend on coal for electricity. Incidentally, the Swiss rail network, which is probably the #1 transportation method, are fully electric (they were fully electric in 1939…)