Plug-In Electric Car Sales Booming Worldwide

JUL 26 2015 BY MARK KANE 24

Nissan LEAF Acenta+

Nissan LEAF Acenta+

Charged EVs noted that despite the US plug-in electric car market being flat this year, worldwide sales of plug-ins are booming.

We assembled the graph of plug-in car sales in the world and US using our exclusive InsideEVs Monthly Plug-In Sales Scorecard.

As it turns out, this year sales are growing every month by 27-73% year-over-year. Most of the growth comes from China and several European countries.

The market peaked in March at some 42,000, but we should be prepared for 50,000+ later this year.

We also hope that by the end of this year or in the first half of 2016, a manufacturer will achieve 10,000 sales a month. Will this be Nissan, Mitsubishi, BYD, Volkswagen or Tesla? We don’t know.

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Tesla have said that they plan to produce about 2000/week in the end of this year and if you take in to count that tesla use to sell more in the end of each quarter it wouldn’t suprise me if they succeed to deliver about 10000 car in March or June 2016. If they are first is another question. Nissan have lower sales numbers this year compere to last year but if Nissan Leaf 2016 is a success they maybe to could expand there sales and come closer to 10000 cars/month. BYD have make new record sales each month so I wouldn’t be suprise if they are first to 10000/month but they have the advantage that they have several different cars with some PHEV and some BEV and the Chinies market is growing rapidly.

Something appears rather off here in the figures for U.S. sales on the above graph. InsideEVs’ own Monthly Plug-in Sales Scorecard shows that North American sales were below last years’ figures for Feb, May, and June of this year. So what figures were used to show a consistent 10-20% growth this year for U.S. sales on the graph above? Surely we’re not expected to believe that Canadian and South-of-the-border PEV sales were sufficiently up in year-on-year growth to make up the difference!

The red marks of persentgrowh is for the red line and have nothing to do with the U.S. sales. The number on the left side is for U.S. sales

I’m referring to the blue bars, not the red line.

Only march seams higher than last year…

And June is not listed.

…oh, you mean the red index on the right side.

Okay, I get it now. Thanks.

When gas prices go over 3 dollars a gallon for most of US EV sales will go up. There has been too much bad talk about EVs in the past. A lot of people listen to Rush Limbaugh and Shawn Hannity. Both these guys continue to say stupid comments about EVs. I own a Volt and it is not slow like these guys talk about.

Cheap oil is here to stay for another half to whole year.

Iran just re-joined global community (market).

However oil price that have only so much influence over EVs that in USA there is not a single good S/CUV on the market.

EU EV sales happen with similarly low oil price, without any troubles.

Model selection is biggere issue (and bigger influence)

Terry, I listen to Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, and can’t remember them saying stupid things about EVs. Maybe they have made some passing comments, not saying they haven’t said anything b/c I don’t listen to every word they say, but they certainly haven’t waged a war of misinformation against EVs. And I doubt seriously that anything they have said has had any measurable impact on EV sales. BTW I drive a Leaf. Yes, conservatives do in fact drive EVs and we even care about the environment.


It’s wonderful to read that conservatives “drive EVs and care about the environment”. I have several conservative friends and they tell me: 1) “it’s all about dollars and cents; EVs are too expensive” and 2) “it’s all about dollars and cents; coal is cheaper than solar”. I try to tell them about the health costs associated with coal and they won’t listen. I try to tell them about the environmental costs associated with carbon and they won’t listen. So believe me when I say that I’m so glad that there is at least one conservative out there that sees things differently!

Have you considered telling your conservative friends the OPEC fix the gas price? No free market economics in the oil world.

OPEC is an oil cartel that tries to fix oil prices but largely fails or do you think that OPEC as a whole wants oil below $50 per barrel?

Local taxes and regulations have the most impact on the price of gasoline.

That is why someone in Oklahoma City is paying $2.18, at my local gas station the price is $4.18 in Los Angeles and people pay over $8 per gallon in many parts of Northern Europe.

OPEC are quite successful at fixing the price of a barrel of oil which is why a barrel is at $50. They are currently trying to cripple the high cost producers in the US. They are also trying to increase demand as oil demand is currently pretty flat in terms of growth.

Taxs do make up a big share of the price at the pump as do exchange rates.

My point stands though, the price of oil is largely independent of the market with its price being more heavily influenced by a small group of governments who quite openly distort the market either via taxation or restriction of supply. The oil “market” is a complete and utter none sense.

This is pretty much correct. The Saudis (OPEC), want to hurt the fracking industry in the U.S. and maintain their own, OPEC’s, market share. Thus hundreds of rigs have been laid down in the U.S. The result is, howsoever, an oil glut worldwide with China slowing and oil production increasing the prospect for cheap gas continues.

Regulus, I am a conservative that drives a Volt and I have been supporting electric cars since around 2007 when I first started reading GM-Volt dot com. That website has done a couple polls on the political outlook of its readers and it has more people that lean conservative than those that lean liberal/progressive. Conservatives in general are starting to get over the anti electric car tax credit knee jerk reaction and are coming around. Not all, but many.
Conservative leadership has mostly been on the wrong side of electric cars, other than Rick Perry and a few others. I used to agree with Reagan on about 80% of the issues, now I agree with GOP leaders on about 70% of the issues, & that is how it goes with politics. You pick the party that you agree with most on the important issues and hold your nose when they say stupid stuff on the things you disagree with.

Ziv, I would ask you to do more than hold your nose when you disagree with stupid stuff they say.

First company to 10k EV sales in a single month will without any doubt or question be BYD.
And if you’re an optimist then you would consider the possibility that they could even do it this year.

Its a bit unfair comparision as China do not have so strict passenger car definitions as EU/USA…

China do have EV golf carts ;P

Nothing wrong with it but still…

Also maybe we should count MWh’s instead? Its cheap to go into mass valume of cars with small batteries. Harder to get bigger batteries into each car.

I would love to buy a BYD Tang or BYD Quin. There are head on to Mercedes, BMW or Lexus!

Sure the BYD e6 is not that good, but the e6 sells only in minor numbers compared to the former two models (i predict Tang to be ~2000/month by the end of the year).

What is unfair? BYD has nothing to do with golf carts.

If you are talking about the whole chinese EV market then it’s still not unfair. The 50 miles per hour so called “golf carts” that is a part of the chinese EV market do their jobs like any other car would do in their urban environment.

Why no specific growth year over year for the US when the graph includes both World and USA but only G-YoY for World?

Because that USA sales of plug-in have been less then last year so the line wouldn’t be in the diagram for several of the month

Pitiful EV sales. WE MUST DO BETTER

Primary problem is the dealerships. Whether it was the Volt program requiring dealers buy $10K or more of repair tools and training so the dealership could sell 3-4 units a year to the lower US gas prices keeping customer interest low and dealers steering buyers away from plug-ins, the real problem comes in the interaction of dealerships and buyers.

In europe, it is compelling to buy a plug-in to save on fuel – but that is sometimes washed away with high electricity prices at home.

The real sales swing comes when plug-in cars can be made at the same price, if not lower, than equivalent ICE counterparts. A Kia Soul EV at $31K is still much higher priced than their ICE version.

The next thing is plug-in infrastructure. People seem to want to trust gas station prevalence over the limited plugs available (and many at crazy rates of .39-.49/kWh). Try to sell a plug-in to someone and say that in some public locations, fuel costs more than gasoline.