Plug-In Electric Car Infographic: “The 2015 Guide To Electric Vehicles”


Here’s a rather nifty infogaphic that mostly sums up the various plug-in electric car sales and forward-looking articles we’ve posted over the past years or so.

Plug-In Electric Car Infographic

Plug-In Electric Car Infographic

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What do they mean by “fully electric”? Is that BEVs only, or does it include PHEV/EREVs?

This graphic has been on other sites for a while… And the conclusion after you look more closely at it is that there are A LOT of errors in it.

So don’t look to closely or think too much about it because then you will only get annoyed. 😉

The most notable mistake is total global sales for 2012, it should be 120,000 not 12k!


What about the “fact” that Japan has only sold plug-in hybrids? Like the Leaf and the i-Miev. 😛

They really screwed up the best range graph. The Tesla has 250 mile range, while the Soul EV has 120 mile range? lol Not even close to right. Same for the Fiat and they missed the BMW i3!
Wow, this is bad. Can we call them out on this?

The data they quote is from 2014, they only list the top 5 vehicles in any category, and they state “advertised range”. Thus the i3 didn’t make the list (81 miles) Not sure why Fiat didn’t make it (87 miles), unless the advertised mileage was lower in 2014.