Plug-In Electric Car Connectors & Plugs – Updated Infographic

JAN 29 2015 BY MARK KANE 10

YAZAKI DC Charging Connector

CHAdeMO DC Charging Connector

The Electric Vehicle Institute updated its infographic on electric connectors and plugs, which we found awhile ago.

The new updated version of the “Plug-In Around the EV World” can be seen here and we strongly recommend you download if for best quality.

There is new map with the most common household outlets in different areas and a set of eight most popular EV connectors around the world – AC Type 1 and 2, Chinese GB/T for AC and DC, two CCS connectors – European & North American, CHAdeMO and Tesla (NA version as European is compatibile with Type 2).

Well, the only one that tried to be a global standard is CHAdeMO, so you can use it in Japan, Europe, North America, South Africa and even Africa (in most places there are just a few CHAdeMO chargers though). But, it’s only for DC charging, and up to 100 kW at best (most are 30-60 kW).

For AC, Japan and North America developed a separate Type 1 single phase standard, which doesn’t fit the European 3-phase infrastructure too well, so Europe needed own version. Both then get a DC extension called Combo (CCS). Tesla went down its own road.  China did too and the end result is that there’s no global standard.

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typ C and typ F are compatible, we have both in europe type C for un grounded equipment and type F for grounded

here tesla uses the type 2 standard

Looks like there’s an error in the graphic. They state the SAE CCS Combo connector is ten pins, but it is only seven. Seems like a copy/paste error from the Chademo connector.

Do I get a prize? 😉

Also, they talk about charge modes (1 through 4) but they don’t define them. I wish I knew what they were.

Strike two!

That map… My eyes! I can’t see! I can’t see! ( cue epileptic seizure…)

Yeah the “crazy pattern” legend was a terrible idea.

What’s wrong with solid colors?

The World could not agree to drive on either the left or the ride side of the road.
EV plugs = good grief.

Prediction there is more to add.

I’m from europe and I can say that the Type F isn’t meant for longer use with 240V 16A (3.7 kW). It tends to get very hot after like 30 minutes. 240V 14A (3.3 kW) is the maximum recommended for long time charging.

There is also 400 V triphase in Europe so that is way better to charge. Typical 32 A 400 V gives 22 KW.