Plug In America Discusses How To Stimulate Electric Car Adoption – Video



Plug In America recently published a report including research on the current Promotion of Electric Vehicles in the US. The report includes 11 key findings followed by recommendations Plug In America believes will stimulate Plug-In Electric Vehicle market growth.

This Webinar is designed to discuss those findings and recommendations.

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I don’t suppose we could get a summary or list of key points? You know, for those of us who don’t really have an hour to kill?

Yes, someone please give us a list.

Please just give us a list. I can’t keep watching these videos just to see what the headline is about. I’m already way over my data allowance on my phone from all the videos on this site. Just give us articles to read old fashion newspaper style. If i wanted to watch videos, id be on youtube.

Here are a few of my ideas:

Free recharging stations, particularly in cities with air pollution problems.

A nationwide network of fast recharging stations along interstate highways.

An actual $7500 sales rebate instead of a $7500 tax credit.

An additional $2500 “Cash for Clunkers” type rebate for owners of vehicles that get less than 30 mpg.

Well, the video (really, audio as there wasn’t much to look at) was too long for me to watch.

I think one of the biggest hurdles is just exposure. People need to see other people driving an EV. The trouble is, most people don’t even recognize an EV when they see one driving down the road. I often refer to the other drivers on the road as “muggles.” They are literally unaware that my vehicle is driving down the highway on battery power and not gasoline.

One of the best ways to advertise to people are to put charging stations in busy areas. When people see the cars plugged in, something clicks. And I have to ask an obvious question..What does it cost to produce a TV commercial? I’m sure by the time it is aired on popular stations, it costs millions. Now, how many L2 charging stations could a company afford to install for free at popular malls and places like that for the same amount of money? By installing the stations they’ve done more than advertise.. They’ve also shown people that they have more places to charge!