Plotting the Changes: 2014 Nissan LEAF Expected to Launch in Canada in January

OCT 31 2013 BY SURDASM 15

A Nissan Leaf enjoying the view

A Nissan LEAF Enjoying the View

It looks like the Model Year 2014 Nissan LEAF will be arriving in Canada in January with some minor changes.

2013 Nissan LEAF - Expect Only Some Minor Changes for 2014

2013 Nissan LEAF – Expect Only Some Minor Changes for 2014

The Association de Véhicules Électriques du Québec has confirmed with Nissan not only that the latest model will be arriving soon, but that a greater number of vehicles will be headed north of the border.

“Our intention is to increase Canadian unit production with the 2014 model year.  Production for 2014 starts in December and cars will be at dealers in January.”

The US is still expected to see the 2014 Model Year LEAFs arrive this December as production begins this month in Nissan’s Smyrna US plant.

Here are some of the changes coming with the 2014 Model Year:

  • The 6.6 kW charger and the quick charge port will come standard on all models (already the case for the 2013 model in Canada).
  • The backup camera will come standard on all models.
  • Updated EV-IT functionality with voice destination entry and SMS readout
  • The Canadian price will drop by approximately $1,000

Source: AVEQ

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I was hoping for a styling refresh and a little more range. Maybe next year. Nissan cleaned up the Versa this year and it looks much nicer. I was hoping they would do the same for the LEAF, so it doesn’t look so quirky.

David Murray

Interesting that the 6.6Kw L2 and the DC fast charge will be standard. I guess that makes my leaf quite obsolete as it has neither.


Don’t worry, I’m right there with you.

Or maybe we now have “collector editions”. Hmm….

Jay Cole

…I think only the VSP-off button equipped LEAFs will be “collector editions,” (=


We have a 2011 and a 2012 LEAF. Most of the time I prefer driving the 2011 exactly because of the VSP-off button.

But on very cold days I prefer the 2012 with the cold weather features (although someday *real soon now* I’m going to install the aftermarket heated seats in the 2011).


Wrap a whole roll of fiberglass pipe insulation around your VSP speaker, then duct tape the insulation so it doesn’t come off – looks about the size of a soccer ball when you’re done. Quiets it down nicely.


Thank you, early adopter. I will be able this spring to either get a new LEAF for regular price with good chargers or an older LEAF for even cheaper than they are now! Or maybe an older LEAF with the charger upgrade but for a discount. I love it when cars keep improving like computers.

joseph faires

I wonder if they will ditch the 12 volt lead acid battery in place a 12 volt lithium ion since the price of these batteries have dropped significantly this would decrease car’s weight by 10 to 15 kg.


This is the first I’ve heard of a $1,000 price drop here in Canada…..can anyone confirm this from another source? Is this to help level out Canada/US pricing? Hopefully it’s true, I’m looking to buy a Leaf next year!


Hey Nissan. Keep those improvements coming! The LEAF is in top contention for my next EV.


I just put a deposit on one and I got a 1500 factory incentive right off the top. I don’t know if this price adjustment will be in addition to that or was reflecting that this change was going to happen. I was going to send this info to the dealer and see what they say.


It’s my ONLY contender for a bridge me to Tesla Gen III….can anyone confirm Canadian price drop for 2014?


240 LEAFs sold in Canada for the entire 2013 year. Looks like they may hit 500 this year.
GoodCarBadCar chart:



It is good to want to provide more car in Canada but would still have to accept that the dealers to sell the car. Accredited the nearest dealer us is 400km, imagine the problems for maintenance

Wake Up Nissan Canada !!!


Any news on US pricing?

More importantly, any news on US lease rates, i.e. residuals and money factors.

Inventory is up already to >2900, highest ever. Are 2014s already being produced?