Pininfarina Claims Electric Hypercar Will Hit 62 MPH Under 2 Seconds


A fully electric SUV is also planned.

India’s Mahindra & Mahindra has big plans for Pininfarina after acquiring a 76-percent controlling stake in the famous design house and engineering firm several years ago. Earlier this week, the list of car manufacturers grew to include Europe-based Automobili Pininfarina, which will be managed separately from the other company with which it’s sharing the fabled name. That being said, the original company known by its full name as Pininfarina S.p.A. will be in charge of designing cars for the newly formed automaker.

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While the focus will be on fully electric SUVs, the first model of the bunch will belong to an entirely different segment of the market. Automobili Pininfarina’s boss, Michael Perschke, told Automotive News Europe that the first order of business will be to develop an electric hypercar. It will cost almost €2 million or about $2.47M at current exchange rates and will be out at some point in 2020.

“It will be a true hypercar,” said Perschke, adding it will be able to cover up to 300 miles (500 kilometers) between charges. Details about the powertrain are not available at this point, but the yet-unnamed hypercar will have enough electric punch to hit 62 mph (100 kph) in under two seconds, so it will play in the same league with the second-generation Tesla Roadster (1.9 seconds). As a side note, Elon Musk promises a “special option package that takes it to the next level.”

The man in charge at Automobili Pininfarina also disclosed preliminary details about plans for a family of SUVs by mentioning the cheapest of them all will cost approximately €150,000 ($185,200). Perschke went on to mention the high-riding models along with the hypercar will take advantage of Pininfarina’s 88 years of designing cars. At the same time, the cars will leverage on Mahindra’s involvement in Formula E by putting to good use the engineering solutions developed for the all-electric series.

The race is on to launch the world’s quickest EV taking into account both Pininfarina’s hypercar and the new Tesla Roadster are due in 2020. It remains to be seen which one will be out first. There’s also the oddly interesting Xing Mobility Miss R, another fully electric high-performance machine, which might actually beat them to the punch since it’s slated to go on sale next year. It’s aiming to complete the 0-62 mph task in just 1.8 seconds and will carry a starting price of $1 million.

Source: Automotive News Europe

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What makes a car a “hypercar”? How dies that differ from a “supercar”?

Maybe it’s that the hyper car just won’t stay still.

Supercar that’s been hyped.

You have sports cars, add power, more exotic and you have a supercar. Make it more extreme, faster, more exotic and you have a hypercar. Add more power, more extreme tech, maybe make it an extreme hybrid with over 1000-2000 hp and you have a megacar.

They try to explain it here.

It’s a Pretend Non existent Super Car that’s Nothing But HYPE!……..ha ha

Rimac Concept S already in production. Tested Concept One has torque vectoring on all 4 wheels!. Cost over 1m Euro.

The Pininfarina will quite likely use a Rimac drivetrain.

Tesla says 0-62 in 2.1s for the Roadster. But at those acceleration times, it’s basically just tires and traction control.

Add more power and you gain nothing at all.

Not in 0-100 km/h but in 100-200 km/h and above.

we have to be getting diminishing returns and hitting ‘impossible to improve upon’ territory here shortly don’t we?

The only limit is your fantasy. Outputs of 1 MW seemed unthinkable a few years back. I am sure people will push it further, even if you cannot ever bring the power onto the road. Look at the Tesla Model S100D, the acceleration also makes no sense and it has a poor actual racing performance. Still, people love it.
Those cars serve no real purpose, but I am sure they are fun to create, drive, and brag about nonetheless