Pikes Peak Releases 2015 Competitor List


The Pikes Peak 2015 Competitor list is official, (but not final) and available on the site for download.  The “Race Day” is June 28, with about five days of pre-race inspection, qualifying and practice leading into the big day.  And yes, we checked for our EV racing buddies.  Notable absence?  Mitsubishi.

Here they are:

Pikes Peak 2015 Car Entries

Pikes Peak 2015 Bike Entries

Pikes Peak 2015 Car Entries

Pikes Peak 2015 Car Entries

(Click on lists for larger size)

Tip of the Hat to Polina Brodsky of the Ohio State Buckeye Current team, ridden by Mr. Rob Barber for the news!

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I think Mitsubishi got what they needed to know, using what they learnt for the SWAC from the MiEV racer and put to use on their PHEV.

Are Entropy’s 3 cars the same? I wonder how they compare to the others.

Tajima’s 2014 run:

pretty freaky at the top

The e0 seems to be aiming directly compete with it.

I am surprised that there is no Tesla Model S entered.