Rivian R1T Specs, Features & More Highlighted In New Video


R1T electric truck exposed in detail.

The Rivian R1T is the hottest (only? – we’re not quite convinced by the Atlis XT electric truck) electric pickup truck in the world right now.

We rather enjoy these video overviews. Why? Well, they concisely sum up so much information into such an easily digestible format.

Pickup trucks are by far the hottest segment in the U.S. right now, yet an electric one doesn’t exist. At least in on-sale form. We hope Rivian will soon change that with the launch of its R1T electric truck next year.

This video covers the Rivian R1T electric pickup truck in detail. It touches on specs, features and even on Rivian the company. And best of all, you can watch it all right here. And in the process, take in a ton of Rivian information in just a brief amount of your time.

Video description:

Good day everyone.

Today we are reviewing the Rivian R1T Pickup Truck. The world’s 1st All Electrical Adventure Vehicle.

We discuss the specifications of the vehicle, the company and ask you for your thoughts and opinions. Please join us as we walk through and highlight features and specs…

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26 Comments on "Rivian R1T Specs, Features & More Highlighted In New Video"

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“We really love these videos because it gives us content that isn’t just about Tesla like 90% of the rest of what we post”

This truck seems to be more for the suburban crowd who enjoys surfing or skiing or the occasional camping trip. But not so much for real world work or off road use that a gas or diesel powered truck can handle with ease. What about charge times, charging stations ( home and while taking a trip). What about the modding crowd? Bigger tires, lift kits ect. The claimed distance is 400 miles, is that with no load or towing 11,000 lbs?

No company advertises MPG while towing, so why should Rivian advertise range while towing?

Miles per towing is important to me.. If I’m spending 62k on it.. It better go at least 300 to 350 miles on a charge..

Drive for 2 or 3 hours.
Stop and pee, stretch your legs , get a bite to eat. And charge for 30 minutes

Maybe it was just how the video was framed, but in the introductory video clip, it looked to me like Rivian has increased the size of the very useful side-to-side pass-through. In particular, the top of the door to the pass-through seemed much higher than as shown in the still photos in the later part of this video.

I don’t think there is much question any longer that Rivian is going to get the R1T into production. Whether or not Rivian can deliver on all its promises, at the price point indicated… well, there I’m somewhat skeptical. I suspect this will have a price tag north of $70k, perhaps somewhere around $75k-90k.

Oh, a final note on that video… For the zillionth time, a battery pack’s capacity is rated in KILOWATT-HOURS, NOT KILOWATTS! Duh.

Why do you expect everyone to understand the difference. It is terminology most have never used.
Maybe if you gave an explication of each.
Rather than mock.
People might learn something

If they can only change the front lights – I’ll love it. Too futuristic for my taste. The only problem I have is the spare wheel. If you haul x number of sheets of drywall on the back and you happen to catch a flat, you are royally screwed. Unless you can unload them and load them back by yourself. It really beats the purpose of a pick up truck with all the load / tow capacities if you can’t use it for anything else than just pure adventure. Then you can have suv with a rack for all your gear. No? It kind of makes no sense. Just saying….

I agree with you about the look. All the lights are *ugly*. But more than that, they are trying to make a pickup truck and it doesn’t look tough and aggressive. Regardless of how many high end features people want in a truck, nobody wants a truck that looks luxurious; they want a truck that looks like it was meant to take a beating and still plow on. When Tesla comes out with their pickup truck, I think it’ll be the same issue. They are missing the target audience.

They designed it for their targeted audience. Period.
If it doesn’t fit your needs don’t buy it.
In the future they or maybe GM or someone else will build a full size pickup from their skateboard.
Remember. They are a startup. They can’t build 5 different models at once.
Ford and GM will first make full size work
Rivian did not want to compete with them.

They did not design it for purely a work vehicle.

is this guy an official Rivian spokeperson? He is stating battery capacity in kilowatts instead of kilowatt-hours.

So how long is the recharge after 400 km…. My trucks are used for work use, sales people etc. and down time is very expensive if they are sitting around waiting for a charge…. 400 km means they would need a mid afternoon or late day charge..
Also, I may have missed it but can the bed take a full 4 x 8 ft product like a sheet of plywood?

Yes plywood with gate open. Charging time is very fast compared to anything on the market today. I will have to look up preliminary specs, but about 200 miles in 30 minutes. But with 400 miles of range and charging at home overnight, that’s a lot. You’d have to drive 400 miles without ever stopping for it to be a big issue. At that point you’d surely have to take a food, bathroom, work break.

I’m planning on purchasing another truck at time of retirement – about 2 years. My wife and I have property we’re planning to set up as a ranch, which means a barn, couple of horses and companion animal, etc. I currently have a 2008 Tundra that I’ll keep as a farm truck, but want another truck for everything else, including traveling with a camper. I’m very impressed with the specs and additional design features of the R1T. I sent my $1k to them yesterday.

I saw this at LA auto show and then put down my $1000 the next week. I was original Fisker deposit holder who did not buy due to their issues. Fisker went from concept to production too quickly. Rivian has been at it 9 years. They are ready and so am I. Thrilled and can’t wait to drive it.

The towing capacity quoted in the video does not match what is on the website. 11,000 would be great. The website says 5,000 which is NOT great. It won’t get me out of my F150 without matching the F150 and more.

5,000 kg. 11,000 lbs. On Rivian’s spec sheet it says Trailer Weight Rating [lbs]. However, the weight in the chart is listed in kilograms. This has been corrected and verified. I will contact Rivian and remind them that the older spec sheet still shows the confusion.

Congratulations to this new Company. I hope they succeed. They have a great design and new features. They are building a vehicle thinking outside the box!

62k seems pricy but I haul a 4500lb 25ft travel trailer I would like to see how it handled that and what battery life would be hauling our camper..

RT1 can tow 11,000 lbs.
1000lbs torque
A 200 hp motor for each wheel (4)
Fast charging
Air ride.
Plus you have your own power outlets
Compared to a ice vehicle. a full day of driving might take an extra hour to get there.
It will cost more. But less fuel and maintenance cost.

Did I miss the mention of WARRANTY? How about RECHARGE TIME?

this is jack, from Ingersoll, Ontario. Canada.
I have been following this truck from the get go, my opinion is that if Rivian priced it so the average working person or retiree could afford it ( 40,0000.00 to 55,000.00 Canadian dollars) then they would sell a lot more.
but it they are only marketing to the RICH, then only the RICH will own it

I agree but that also goes for most high trim level trucks as well. Remember this truck has all high end finishes on it and is more comparable to the Denali.

This truck looks very very interesting! Built for sport, comfort and distance I think it will sell very strong with a large amount of pre-market buzz and a max price point under $65k.
By the way, Rivian’s design is very close to one of the industry’s leading sellers in the truck segment. Very smart…
Say does Rivian need any real time test drivers?

I drive a GMC CK1500 Ext. cab with quadrasteer (four wheel steering). My truck has the maneuverability of a car and drives like a car. I removed the tail gate and installed a cap on the truck bed with a lift gate like a Ford explorer and a glass door in the lift gate. Parking and backing is no problem because I look through the glass door and can see the bumper of the vehicle behind me. If the Rivian comes with four wheel steering, I would place a deposit on one immediately.
Please consider adding four wheel steering.