Photos Galore: Here’s the 2013 Nissan LEAF


































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11 responses to "Photos Galore: Here’s the 2013 Nissan LEAF"
  1. Brian says:

    Call me crazy, but that “Heat” button is the single most important addition in my mind. Imagine – the ability to turn on the fans without running the energy-whore of a heater.

  2. Eric Loveday says:

    Note: If you click on the images twice, you’ll get to the blown-up shots. Yep, there are big pics buried behind these small ones. Check ’em out.

  3. Open-Mind says:

    It looks more sporty with the new wheels. If they would redesign those giant gross headlights, it could be a decent looking car.

    1. Christopher says:

      Those big headlights are like that to direct airflow around the side mirrors, reducing a lot of wind noise and drag. Noise that’s much more apparent in a car without a gas/diesel engine. It’s a cool feature and I think it’s a shame so many folk are put off by their very different look. And unfortunately, it’s not yet legal to use cameras in place of actual mirrors – holding back a great option for improved mileage on many vehicles.

      1. Open-Mind says:

        Thanks for the info about the lights. In retrospect, I would say keep the shape, but limit the lights to the front half of the hood line. Too bad we have BIG-GOV protecting us from dangerous side-view camera tech.

  4. kdawg says:

    What’s that hump on the floor in the middle of the back seat? Or am I just seeing things?

    1. evnow says:

      Thats the Bose amp (or subwoofer amp).

  5. Herm says:

    Thats where the emergency safety disconnect is, a giant fuse you pull out.

  6. James says:

    It’ll never be a pretty car – but who cares? It’s aero that works
    and that’s good enough for me. The larger wheels with new
    design work much better and I like the charcoal grey.
    Dark interior with leather = big improvement IMO. We can
    lose the BRIGHT silver plastic accents inside ( so 2,000… ).
    I never liked those Japanese mini stereos that looked like
    silver plastic transformers either.

    Stripper battery pack still makes me think lease…but the
    LEAF is slowly maturing before our very eyes.

  7. James says:

    Walking through my front yard the other night as a LEAF
    snuck up on me – ( where was that ped safety tone? ) and
    turned the corner in front of my house. I must admit the
    silence of it – the spaceship tailight treatment going by
    like some sort of alien craft kind of warmed my heart.
    “There just went the future!” I thought – I’M SUCH AN EV

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