• Power: 110 horsepower at 5,000 rpm; 140 ft.-lbs of torque 
  • Range: Between 82 miles and 161 miles, depending on how you ride it; 200 mile range with Power Tank add-on 
  • Charge time: at standard speed: 4.5 hours for the Standard version; 2.5 hours for the Premium. If the 6kW rapid charge option is installed, it’s a claimed 1.8 hours for the Standard and 1.5 hours for the Premium. 
  • Price: $19,995 for the Standard; $21,995 for the Premium 

Do you like your electric bike faired or unfaired? Choose the SR/S over its naked sibling, the SR/F, and Zero says you get a 13 percent increase in highway efficiency and range thanks to its fairing. You’ll have to crouch down and tuck behind that windscreen to tap into the full benefit here, but the ergonomics make it seem as though you’d feel compelled to do that, anyway.  

The SR/S has lower foot pegs and higher handlebars for a more upright, relaxed riding position when you’re seated neutrally and not crouched. If you’re looking for a practical, everyday commuter that can also have some fun, and comes with a two-year warranty on the bike and a five-year, unlimited mile warranty on the power pack, this could be your bike.