• Power: 145 horsepower at 6,000 rpm; 159 ft-lbs of torque 
  • Range: 250 miles City, 112 miles “Extra-Urban”, 143 miles combined 
  • Charge time: DC fast charge mode 4: 250 miles per hour, or 80 percent of full charge in 40 minutes. Slow charge mode 2 or 3: 42 miles per hour. 
  • Price: $22,160 

If you’re looking at the Eva Ribelle side by side with the Ego+, you’ll see that the specs are very similar. By now, you also probably already know whether you’d take this streetfighter over the fully-faired sportbike version or not. There’s not really a right or wrong answer; it’s more a matter of personal preference than anything.  

All else being equal, it’s worth noting that the Eva Ribelle is $1,710 less than the Ego +, if that affects your decision-making process at all. Either one is still a significant chunk of change, but if you need to justify it to yourself or someone else as the more responsible choice, we’ve just given you a miniscule bit of math to help you along the way. You’re welcome.