As if all of this United Chargers news wasn't enough, we also need to mention that the Grizzl-E Duo, a 10-kW compact smart charger with the ability to power share and charge two EVs at once, if also nearing production. Use one 50-amp circuit to charge two EVs without needing to add another circuit and buy a 2nd EV charger. 

The Grizzl-E Duo will feature a master as well as a slave plug. When two EVs are plugged in at once, there are a couple of charging options. First, you can set the unit so that the master plug takes priority and charges that EV first, and the second EV begins charging once the first has completed. You can also have both EVs charge at the same time, and each can draw up to 10 kW simultaneously, provided the unit is on an 80-amp circuit. You can also set the Mini Grizzl-E to distribute 70% of the power to the master side and 30% of the available power to the slave connector. 

More details on United Chargers' PCPH Lite, Mini Grizzl-E, Grizzl-E Avalance Edition, the Alpha, the Duo, and other future products will be revealed in future articles, including on-sale dates, pricing, and final specs. Stay tuned!