• Range: 41 miles (combined) 
  • Charge: 3 hours (100% charge on Level 1) 
  • Weight: 143 pounds
  • Price: $6,500 

There’s something fascinating with the Cake Ösa. It’s not exactly a handsome design, but its neo-retro, almost overly simplistic design makes it irresistibly coolSwedes sure have a knack for clean lines and aesthetics, something reflected in everything they create from furniture to architecture, and now also in motorcycles. 

Cake introduced the Ösa at the beginning of 2020 as a new city-friendly option. The company followed the usual dirtbike path with its first model, the Kalk, so it needed a more urban silhouette to appeal to the commuting-type of rider.  

The Ösa’s entry-level model, the Ösa Lite, is offered with what Cake refers to as a “medium size battery” but buyers have the option to upgrade to a larger battery pack for $1,000, which ads almost thirty miles of combined range. Cake recently announced that the Ösa is now available for U.S. deliveries and pricing starts at $6,500 for the base model and $8,500 for the Ösa+.