One of the reasons for people to claim the Cybertruck is dangerous is the presumption that its body does not absorb impact energy because it is made of Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless steel. If this structure ever gets affected, we’ll be ahead of a vehicle beyond repair – a salvage candidate, so to speak.

We are not sure Tesla is willing to recover these vehicles rather than selling new ones, but we still do not have enough information to know how its exoskeleton will behave in a crash. Sandy Munro says they are indeed difficult to repair, but Tesla may have that in mind to create a modular approach, for example, if that is possible. Another possibility is that most insurance companies already write EVs off due to the repair costs involved. That may lead Tesla not to even care about that at all. Again, we need more data to make any conclusion about reparability. We still cannot say if it will be impossible to repair or very easy should Tesla worry about this Cybertruck ownership aspect.