What's that ugly contraption on the stage right there? Hmm...it does seem to make sense as a truck though.

Leave it to Elon Musk to reveal the most polarizing vehicle we've perhaps ever seen and then to somehow twist and turn our thoughts about it in circles for days following the debut.

I'm now at the point of acceptance, but the Tesla Cybertruck is just a bit too "look at me" for my tastes. However, I have no objections to its design. It's just not my style. Much in the way that I favor the appearance of a Ferrari over any Lamborghini. I like conservative-looking vehicles for the simple reason that they are less likely to be targeted by vandals, thieves, gawkers and so on.

Step back a bit from its outward appearance and the Tesla Cybertruck appeals more. The simple stainless body, front trunk, slick fold-down tailgate, air suspension and other features make it a standout among pickup trucks.

Even more impressive is its price and specs. Starting at $39,900 the Tesla Cybertruck is, dare I say, affordable. In top-spec trim, it takes down a Porsche in a sprint and out tows the mightiest of Ford F-150s.

There's definitely a business case for the Cybertruck and it will appeal to many, it's just not to my liking from an exterior design perspective. Change my mind, Mr. Musk.