My first reaction to the Tesla Cybertruck was like everyone else’s: WTF?!?! That quickly subsided, though, as Tesla CEO Elon Musk laid out the truck’s bonafides. Quickly, the Cybertruck’s specs and pricing had me more excited than its design had me confused. And, like many people, the truck’s looks have grown on me. Is it beautiful? No. Is it interesting? Yes. Is it cool? Yes, at least to me. 

The Cybertruck’s shape aside, what’s more interesting is the question of whether or not Tesla can deliver to market the truck it unveiled. There are so many questions still, the answers for which may (or may not) drastically change the truck we saw on stage. How does the super-strong stainless steel exoskeleton perform in crash tests? Do the shape of the headlights meet federal regulations? Will federal regulators allow Tesla to sell a vehicle with sharp edges and points? What about side-view mirrors and windshield wipers – where are they? 
I think many reactions to the Cybertruck depend on whether you believe Tesla can deliver they vehicle they showed on stage, on time, and for the prices promised, or you believe Elon and Tesla are being misleading, showing a truck they can’t possibly hope to build but happily accepting $100 deposits in the meantime. 
As a Model 3 owner myself, I choose to believe, or at least hope, the Cybertruck will be the vehicle that Tesla has promised. I even put down a $100 reservation to be one of the first to find out.