To be honest, I was not impressed with the debut of the Tesla Cybertruck. I was actually glad I didn’t fly out to Los Angeles to be a part of it. Initially, I was also turned off by the truck’s polarizing facade.

With that said, it was clear Tesla put a lot of effort into the event, especially in terms of the site itself, the iconic movie vehicles, and the happenings that preceded the on-stage debut. Moreover, as anticipated, the electric truck’s specs are incredible in every way.

As time has passed, the Cybertruck has started to grow on me. I truly think that Tesla - and Elon Musk - has proven once again that it won’t follow tradition and will continue to push the envelope, regardless of critics and naysayers.

Will I be reserving and buying a Cybertruck? No. Trucks aren’t for me and despite my newfound realization of this vehicle’s potential, it’s not something I would ever want to own. Nonetheless, I do believe it will be a solid option for some people and could easily make its way into commercial, government, and military use.