If you choose the Tesla Model 3 Long Range, you get more miles of range per dollar spent than you do by choosing the Standard Range or Standard Range Plus, but not by much.

The Model 3 Long Range starts at $47,990 and offers 310 miles of range. This puts it at $155 per mile of range.

The Standard Range Plus model starts at $39,490, but provides 60 fewer miles of range, at 250 miles. The math here says this Model 3 will cost you $158 per mile of range.

You can't order the Model 3 Standard Range online, though we're told it's still available. Tesla has changed some prices recently, so we're not 100 percent sure that it still starts at $35,400. Assuming it does, dividing that by its 220-mile range gives us a "score" of $161, which is mere decimals ahead of the Niro EV.

If you're able to take advantage of the federal EV tax credit, you should be aware that the Model 3 is only eligible for $1,875 instead of the full $7,500. This is good through December 31, after which Tesla vehicle buyers will no longer get any federal tax credit.