Tesla promises a $39,000 price tag (eventually) for its new SUV, the Model Y. For now, it's base $48,200 before "Savings" makes it more than $40,000 cheaper than the Model X. And it’s not even that ill-equipped once you start ticking all the option boxes.

  Price After "Savings" Actual Price Fully Loaded Range
Long Range




300 Miles

Long Range (Dual Motor)




280 Miles





280 Miles

Optional paint colors vary in price from $1,500 to $2,500 on all trims. A set of 19-inch sport wheels, meanwhile, are a $1,500 option on the Long Range models, but standard on the Performance model. Tesla offers a standard all black interior, or a $1,000 black and white faux leather option. A five-seat interior is standard, but a seven-seat option is available for $3,000.

And like all other Teslas on this list, Autopilot is a $3,000 option, and buyers can pre-order "Full Self-Driving Capability" for $5,000 on top of that. Remember, loading your Model Y (or any Tesla) with "Full Self-Driving Capability" after ordering will set you back $7,000.

A loaded Long Range model with three rows costs $64,200. A Long Range model with dual motors will set you back $68,200 after options. Going all out on a loaded Performance models costs $75,700 after $1,200 for destination.