Tesla advertised its "most-affordable" vehicle, the Model 3, with a starting price of $35,000. And outside of a $1,200 destination fee, that price is pretty much accurate. Factoring in the "Gas Savings" of 10,000 miles per year at $2.58 per gallon, the advertised price on the website is actually lower, at $29,650. But that's not what you'll pay – especially not after options.

  Price After "Savings" Actual Price Fully Loaded Range
Standard Range



$48,200 220 Miles
Standard Range Plus




240 Miles

Mid Range




264 Miles

Long Range




325 Miles

Long Range (Dual Motor) $38,950



310 Miles





310 Miles

Model 3 options include four up-charged paint colors: Midnight Silver Metallic ($1,500), Deep Blue Metallic ($1,500), Pearl White Multi-Coat ($2,000), and Red Multi-Coat ($2,500). The only standard color is Solid Black. The 19-inch sport wheels, on every trim except the Performance model, are a $1,500 option.The base Standard Range model only offers a black interior. On the Standard Range Plus model, though, the black and white interior is available as a $1,000 option. 

Autopilot is a $3,000 option, and available on all trims. "Full Self-Driving Capability," which Tesla promises will be available this year, is a $5,000 pre-order on top of Autopilot. If you want "Full Self-Driving" after the fact, it will cost $7,000.

A loaded Model 3 Standard Range will set you back $48,200 after options. A Standard Range Plus model with every option is $51,200. Move up to Long Range and Longe Range with dual motors, and those fully loaded Model 3's cost $57,200 and $61,200, respectively. At the top of the Model 3 Range, a fully loaded Performance model costs $70,700.