Tesla Model S: $87,490

I’ve little doubt the Porsche Taycan is the best performing electric vehicle available today. But is it’s performance so good I’d willingly drop $150,900 on it? Probably not. Especially when a Tesla Model S is available for $79,990. That’s for the Long Range model. Plan on dropping nearly $100,000 for the quicker Performance model. 

I’d ignore the latter trim, though. Again, if Performance is what you’re after, just get the Porsche. I’m here for value, and the Long Range has it in spades. With the ability to trot to 60 miles per hour in 3.7 seconds, the Model S Long Range is still properly quick, even if it’s not quite as peppy as either the Taycan Turbo and Turbo S or the Model S Performance. Plus, the Model S Long Range benefits from Tesla’s already established infrastructure of quick-charging Supercharger stations, as well as a rated driving range of 370 miles from the Environmental Protection Agency, the latter of which will surely best the Porsche by at least 70 miles.

While the base Model S Long Range comes well equipped, I’d drop $1,500 on darker coated 19-inch wheels that better hide brake dust and nicely complement the Pearl White paint job that strikes my fancy. Add in a black interior and $6,000 for the irresponsibly named Full Self-Driving Capability package that allows Tesla’s AutoPilot driver-assist system to navigate highway interchanges and automatically overtake slower traffic, and I’m looking at a sticker price of $87,490. In other words, my well-optioned – but certainly not nearly as exciting to drive – Model S costs $63,410 less than the base Taycan Turbo.