If you think scooters are meant to be quiet little urban commuters that deliver on cuteness but not on performance, you might want to change that. Here’s the i300 to prove you are wrong about scooters. The electric two-wheeler is produced by UK-based Zapp (maybe that’s what inspired the scooter’s funky z-shaped silhouette?)

The i300 looks adorable, but beware of its bite: the electric little scooter is expected to do the Kessel Run (or in Earthly measurements, the 0 to 45) in 4.1 seconds thanks to a massive 432 lb-ft of torque for a 198 lb vehicle. It can reach a top speed of 60 mph and the removable battery makes charging super easy. The only downside? Range is rated at only 40 miles, which can be easily depleted if you plan on taking full advantage of all that torque.

The scooter goes for $7,100 which isn’t cheap and is currently limited to a few European markets, but we can expect the market to grow as units start rolling out in the spring.