Tarform takes the environmental approach to a whole new level. Not only is its bike electric (of course), but the company uses 3-D printed components as well as biomaterials, aiming to reduce wastes. Who doesn’t want to encourage that?

The company plans on putting its new e-bike on the market by the late 2019. We’re hoping by then the model will receive a name. The design is obviously inspired by that café racer aesthetic with the flat tuck and roll saddle and pillion cowl. Other elements, such as the hexagonal handlebar, digital display with what looks like rider assist technology, and arc-reactor-like feature on the side of the battery give it a more modern flare.

The unnamed model is expected to offer a combined 75-mile range—there’s been no talk of a top speed just yet. Pricing for a regular unit is set at $18,000 while the collectors’ edition will set you back $28,000.