Dutch company Etergo recently received a massive $11-million investment from an anonymous German automaker. Combined with the near-$6-millions it gathered via its crowdfunding campaign, it looks like the AppScooter is set for production!

The AppScooter can receive up to three batteries, which should offer an impressive range of up to 150 miles. If you don’t need all that range on a daily basis, two of the batteries can be removed and left at home or in the office to charge—the AppScooter will gladly run on only one, allowing you to swap and get a fresh charge every time you head out.  

It also features a practical 60-liter storage compartment under the seat and will connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth to provide navigation displayed directly on the scooter’s screen.

The model is expected to come to the U.S., however not before another year or so. European pricing is set at €3,399 ($3,860). If that price survives exporting fees, we could end up with a very solid new electric scooter contender on the market.