Evoke was introduced to the US market in 2017 thanks to a partnership with iPhone-maker Foxconn which allowed the company to expand and increase production. It launched the Urban S in North American in mid-2017 before unveiled the Urban Classic at EICMA a few months later. 

For 2019, Evoke is updating its two under $10k models. The S and the Classic receive new DCT tires with a thicker rubber at the back for increased grip, a reverse gear, a new riding mode for a total of 3 as well as a storage mode that allows the owner to safely put the bike away for the winter without having to worry about the battery.

New for the 2019 MY is the optional dual charger now compatible with level 2 charging stations that gets you a full charge in 60 to 90 minutes. 

Also coming this year is a new model for the company. Dubbed "Project Kruzer" until now, it will hit the market as the Evoke 6061 as an electric cruiser with the claim of being the "most powerful electric cruiser built to date".