Status: All-New
Release Date: Unknown

Storied auto designer Chris Bangle has a new gig with a Chinese car brand. The Redspace REDS is a far cry from Bangle’s work during his BMW days, but we can’t deny that it’s eye-catching and forward-thinking. The boxy shell of the REDS (which stands for Revolutionary Electric Dream Space) houses a space that’s more of a lounge on wheels than anything we’d recognize as a car; the cabin can be rearranged for social gatherings in a manner similar to Chrysler’s Stow ’n Go system, the doors open via button, the roof is a solar panel. No specs are available on the EV powertrain. Though this looks like little more than an expensive design exercise, it’s actually scheduled for production and should be available in some Asian markets in 2020. Export to the U.S. is doubtful, but the REDS is too cool not to share here.