Of all the vintage-inspired examples on this list, the Regent is the one that most resembles a genuine 1960s motorcycle, albeit with an electric powertrain. Even the seat bears a striking resemblance to the stock saddle on one of my old CB’s. At the heart of the Regent is a 72V/80Ah battery and a hub motor that together put down a maximum of 20 horses and a top-speed of 80mph.

Furthering the vintage vibe are the Regent’s telescopic forks and dual rear shocks which are tacked to a steel double-cradle frame. The whole bike—which weighs in at 286 lb—rides along on 18-inch spoked rims nestled under big vintage fenders fore and aft. Despite the antique appearance, the Regent does hide a few modern bells and whistles up its sleeve. ABS-linked disc brakes with regenerative braking, LED lighting, bar-end indicators, and a “digital touch infotainment system” that includes GPS, and alarm are all standard items on the Regent.

Price: $10,800

Source: Regent Motorcycles