Fly Free is a Long Beach, California-based ebike outfit that popped up on our radar back in late 2018 when it unveiled its inaugural model, the Smart Desert. The Scrambler-inspired runner is powered by an LG Lithium-ion battery married to a 3,000W motor, capable of getting the thing up to 50mph. Range is a claimed 50-miles per charge, though a second cell is available, doubling that figure. Other modern amenities on this vintage-style electric include push-button start, LCD instrumentation, USB port, and LED lighting throughout.

However, what makes the Smart Desert shine, along with the rest of the Fly Free lineup, is the wide array of personalization options ranging from paint schemes to parts and accessories. According to the manufacturer, there are as many as 80 different possibilities when piecing together your own example. Fly Free’s bikes might not offer the best range or crazy top speeds, however, they’re relatively simple and straightforward machines, not unlike the off-road motorcycles of yesteryear that inspired their design.

Price: $6,399

Source: Fly Free