Estimated retail price: $14,900-$19,625. The upscale BMW i3 is futuristically styled and possesses a sporty demeanor. A shockingly low resale value (the 2017 model originally started at over $42,000) makes it a real steal. The 2016 and 2017 models came with a 60 amp-hour battery that affords 81 miles on a charge and is rated at the equivalent of 137/111-MPG city/highway, with an average cost of $0.88 to run for 25 miles. The 2017 further offered a 94 amp-hour version with a 114-mile range that’s rated at a modestly less-frugal 129/106-eMPG, and a higher $0.94 energy cost to drive 25 miles. You’ll also find some used i3s fitted with a small gas engine that acts as a range extender.