The field of all-electric luxury SUVs will start to get crowded in 2019. Next up is the EQC – the first vehicle in the Mercedes-Benz sub-brand of EVs dubbed “EQ.” The EQC, which goes into production in mid-2019, is built on the platform of the GLC-Class SUV. Converting gas platforms to electric will enable Mercedes-Benz to introduce a mind-boggling 22 EQ electric cars in the next three or so years.

The EQC’s electric drivetrain produces 402 horsepower – based on a 201-hp motor placed on the front and rear axles. An 80 kilowatt-hour battery pack in a relatively heavy SUV would logically yield between about 220 and 230 miles of range. Expect all the creature comforts of a Mercedes SUV and a price starting around $80,000.

RANGE: 239 Miles
BASE PRICE: TBD (Approx. $80,000)