It’s the age-old question, refreshed for an electric world: what comes first, the EVs or the charging station? Betting on the notion that we need both, private companies, utilities and nonprofits made major progress in expanding access to charging for EV drivers in 2018:

ChargePoint (2.5M) and EVBox (1M) announced they would be installing 3.5 million charging points by 2025.

Southern California Edison committed to pursuing over 50,000 EV charging ports by 2025.

National Grid announced plans to pursue 10,000 public charging ports by 2025 in MA, NY and RI.

Ameren announced plans to install 1,200 charging stations in MO.
Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam announced plans to invest $14 million into charging infrastructure throughout VA over three years.

Electrify America announced plans to spend $200 million more deploying EV charging stations and educating the public about EV options. The company intends to spend $2 billion over 10 years to promote EV adoption around the U.S.

Already today, there are nearly 60,000 charging points across the US, a 24% growth over 2017, according to data compiled by AtlasEVHub.