Range: 249-335 miles

MPGe: 92-102 city/100-105 highway

MSRP: $75,700

Though it’s the costliest model on our list, the mighty Tesla Model S sedan is still the car to beat among electric vehicles. With a choice of battery packs, the top version excels as the longest-distance EV on a charge for 2018 at 335 miles. Its long range and Tesla’s extensive network of DC fast-charging units makes long road trips practical, at least with the proper planning. Even after a few years on the market, it’s stunning styling still turns heads. Tesla’s dual motor all-wheel drive system comes standard. Performance ranges from impressive to unbelievable, with the top model able to sprint from 0-60 mph in a mere 2.5 seconds. Inside, a 17-inch tablet touchscreen dominates a still-futuristic-looking dashboard. Autopilot and a rear-facing third-row seat for the kiddies are optional.