As we mentioned in the introduction:

“Six of the top ten are alternative-fuel cars, with three electric cars and three plug-in hybrids.”

“That would seem to indicate that used plug-in hybrids and EVs are hugely popular then, right? We’ll explain what’s going on here in a bit”

First up, the plug-in hybrids. In California, with the green stickers now a thing of the past, these used examples that have that coveted sticker will surely move quickly off lots. Here’s the future green sticker outlook from the State of California:

“Access to high-occupancy vehicle lanes for vehicles with green and white decals will expire January 1, 2019. Vehicles issued a green or white decal in 2017 or 2018 will be eligible to reapply for a decal in 2019 granting them access to high–occupancy toll lanes until January 1, 2022.”

So, get them while they last. This explains why the i3, Fusion Energi and Prius move quickly, but what about the LEAF and 500e?

Wholesalers for the 500e and super-low prices, which equate to amazing deals for the Nissan LEAF.

This leaves just the Tesla Model S, which largely sells quickly on its own, though those occasional CPO price cuts certainly reduced selling days here and there.

For more on 2017’s quickest selling used cars, see the source link below

Source: iSeeCars