Phoenix Cars Supplies Electric Trucks To U.S. Navy

JUL 4 2015 BY STAFF 8

Phoenix Cars, a developer of electric vehicle technologies for fleets, tannounced the delivery of its Zero Emissions Utility Shuttle flatbed (ZEUS) to US Naval Base Ventura County Port Hueneme, California.

Here are some specs on the electric truck:

  • V2G
  • 100-mile range
  • Full charge in 3 hours
  • Outlet to power external electric devices

Here’s the rest of the press release from Phoenix Cars:

The fully sized electric flatbed truck will be used as a service vehicle to transport supplies and equipment for facilities maintenance around Naval Base Port Hueneme and Point Mugu. The additional Vehicle To Grid (V2G) charging capability will provide mobile power capability available for future needs. The Phoenix ZEUS V2G truck is equipped with the capability to direct power both to and from the electric grid when it is not being driven. The Phoenix ZEUS V2G truck will serve as a low-cost mobile power source, and an outlet to increase energy security.

Phoenix will provide the US NAVY with a low-cost mobile power source and reduce the operating cost by using an EV flatbed truck,” said Steven Davis, president, Phoenix Cars LLC. “This is a great opportunity for Phoenix and EXWC to evaluate the benefits of V2G and help push the technology forward.” The project was funded by ONR’s Energy Systems Technology Evaluation Program (ESTEP) headed up by Dr. Richard Carlin.

The electric flatbed truck is powered by the Phoenix proprietary EV platform, which can deliver 100-mile range and can complete a full charge in as little as 3 hours. The Phoenix ZEUS is
California Air Resource Board (CARB) approved and eligible for California HVIP cash incentives. The Phoenix ZEUS features an industry-leading 8-year/300,000 mile battery warranty and the security of 24/7 technical support.

“We stand behind the promise of our vehicles,” said Davis. “Our goal is to build relationships with our customers that last.”

About Phoenix Cars LLC

Based in Ontario, California, Phoenix Cars LLC, dba Phoenix Motorcars is a leading developer of all-electric vehicles and systems for the fleet market. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Al Yousuf LLC.

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8 Comments on "Phoenix Cars Supplies Electric Trucks To U.S. Navy"

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8yr/300,000 mile warranty. Same 8yr window. It is all about cycling. I would love to see the anticipation of daily miles/charging that lead to the 300,000 number. Trucks n SUVs, the next frontier for EVs.

Zero technical information at
No info on vehicle size, load carrying capacity, battery size, battery type, range, motor power, max speed or price. Just contact us for quote.

However it is nice to see it still in business. I thought the company had died years ago.

Does “Phoenix proprietary EV platform” mean they are using a unique charging standard? It would be interesting to know what they use.

Hmm, Phoenix, weren’t they partners with Altair?

Yeah its nice to see Phoenix (If indeed sorta the same company) graduate from 25 mph neighborhood vehicles to real ones.

100 miles of charge in 3 hours for a truck? Must be a 60 amp charger or something.

Do they still use Lithium Titanate technology? Like they wanted to do for their EV converted Ssangyong pickup and SUV? I am also glad they are still in business, reading about their projects was what got me excited about EVs and their possibilities many years ago.

If it is V2G it’s probably an ACPropulsion EV drive where the charging, motor power and V2G would be the same say 150kw rate.
Priced right, under $40k, this would sell well as would a van the chassis comes with too.
Delivery, service trucks along with lightweight commuters are EV’s best use. They owned city delivery until WW2.

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