Phillipines and Loas Getting Ready for Influx of 100,000-Plus Electric Vehicles


Electric Taxis in the Phillipines

Electric Taxis in the Phillipines

Both the Philippines and Laos are ready to join the electric vehicle bandwagon.

More Electric Taxis

More Electric Taxis

In the Philippines, electric trikes will begin to replace the gas-burning ones currently used as taxis.  These trike taxis are “widely used for share-rides by ordinary people for transportation over short distance,” says The Japan News.

The Philippines plans to invest approximately $500 million by 2017 to replace roughly 100,000 of the nation’s gas-fueled taxis.  100,000 is just a start though, as the Philippines is home to an estimated 3.5 million gas-burning trikes/taxis.

Meanwhile, in Laos, the government is “implementing a project to convert 40 percent of the nation’s motorcycles, tricycles and four-wheel vehicles into EVs by 2020 with the cooperation of the Japan International Cooperation Agency,” according to The Japan News.

Laos is big on hydro-electric power, so the move to electric vehicles is all-around beneficial.In the Philippines, the situation is different.  The Philippines buys much of its electricity from nearby countries and, as such, is at the mercy of those other nations.  Prices fluctuate wildly, as does the actual amount of incoming power at times.  The Philippines may have difficulty securing enough electricity to power the 100,000-plus electric vehicles.Source: The Japan News

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Well that does kinda suck about phillipines electric utility instability problem. But I think overall the move would be good as it would help air quality in the city.

Also Laos is misspelled in the title. And the link to Japan News does not work.

By “Loas” I assume you are referring to “spirits of Haitian Vodou”.

patrick john buenaventura

pano pomakakuha poh ganyan wala ba kayo num