Peugeot eF01 Electric Bike Goes 25 Miles, Folds Up For Travel

AUG 11 2018 BY MOTOR1 6

The eF01 from Peugeot will fit in the back of its 5008 SUV and even get charged up.

We were all very excited when the new Peugeot 5008 was launched and we found out that it came with an electric scooter that stowed away in the boot – and then predictably devastated when it turned out that the gizmo wasn’t available in the UK because of so-called legal issues.

But all that has changed now with an announcement from Peugeot that it is now selling an electric bike for the the 5008 that will also fit in the boot but won’t get you prison time.

The aluminium-framed eF01 electric bike weighs just 18.6kg, is fitted with a battery and a motor with enough charge for up to 18-25 miles in range and will propel its rider to a top speed of 12.5mph. Heady stuff.

Peugeot says that the bike can be charged on a mobile docking station in just 60 minutes (you can get one installed in the car) and can be folded and unfolded in less than 10 seconds. Suddenly getting from the car park three miles away from the office just got a whole lot more fun.

You can rely on the quality of the bike, too – the auspicious French carmaker has been building bicycles since 1885, which is four years longer than it has been building cars.

Peugeot’s head of design, Gilles Vidal, said: ‘Peugeot is the only brand that offers two-wheel, three-wheel and four-wheel mobility solutions which are manually powered, electrically assisted, hybrid, fully electric or equipped with an internal combustion engine.

‘Thanks to this enormous flexibility in our range we can offer a mobility solution for every requirement. Together, the 5008 SUV and eF01 electric bike combine two modes of transport to create a complete door-to-door solution, no matter what your destination might be.’

No word on price yet, but a quiet word with your friendly local Peugeot dealer could get you on the list for a nice new electric bike.

Just to ram the message home, Peugeot has teamed up with some notable cycling professionals to show off the capabilities of the eF01.

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Check out the electric Bromptons. It goes faster and farther. I love my Brompton although I have never ridden the electric variant

The Brompton is 50% more expensive and the fold isn’t so easy

I love my electric skate board. 25mph, 17 miles range. Weighs as much as a bowling ball.

Sounds sick, if your city’s roads are polished smooth for 17 miles.

But damn, a skateboard? How did they fit enough capacity on something less than a long board?

We were all very excited??

I like this concept. In Dublin for example, work could be that 2, 3 or 4 miles away on one road. Even 2 miles between one car park and another closer to work would be 20 or more minutes of extra grinding.

However, why is Peugeot and VW and the like flouncing these things around with prices out of reach of the more popular choices from bike manufacturers or even internet startups? Why can’t they just partner with Brompton or Dahon?

Also, it’s a bug bear ofthen mine, but oI Cabot possibly use a 16″ Brompton. The 20″ is a bit hard enough for riding on worn in roads and to see a picture of yourself on.

Peugeot started as a bicycle manufacturer before moving into car production.