Peugeot Commits To Five New Plug-In Electric Models By 2021


At the recent Paris Motor Show, Peugeot boss Jean-Philippe Imparato announced that the automaker will have at least five plug-in vehicles on the market by 2021.

Those five vehicles include three plug-in hybrids and two pure electrics.

Peugeot 3008 (ICE)

Peugeot 3008 (ICE)

The PHEVs are the:

  • 3008
  • 5008
  • 508

While the BEVs are:

  • 208
  • 2008

Those vehicles run the gamut from small subcomapct cars up to midsize SUVs, so Puegeot will have a plug-in to suit most buyers.

Autocar states:

“This arrangement is largely dedicated by the cars’ two respective platforms, with the larger EMP2 able to accommodate plug-in hybrids while the smaller CMP architecture allows for all-electric.”

“Imparato added that the 3008 plug-in hybrid would offer 60km of electric range.”

Peugeot says that its first of the five plug-in will reach the market by 2019.

Source: Autocar

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Intruiging choices, the smaller car is the BEV and the larger the plug-in. Let’s hope they don’t go for that 100km range city car “stigma” that others did.

Because, “who needs more then a 100km of range” decided by the bean-counter with his average range required excel sheet.

I have news for him, there is no such things as an average range. I used to drive longer trips more then once a month with my 206 diesel.

Also, 3 phase charger and a trailer hitch please. Even if I only need that trailer hitch just 3 times in a year. Adn 45kWh of capacity would be really useful right about then.

Actually PSA said that electric vehicle will have 50kWh of battery. With 50kWh of battery you can drive 275km on motorway at ~110km/h or ~325km out of the city.

In France 50% of cars are ~4m or smaller. That why I hope that PSA will continue the cooperation with Toyota (Aygo) for the city car.
For the PHEV PSA will put a little bit more than 10kWh of battery.

I hope that PSA will have enough battery cells at that time.

Nothing wrong with 100 km range city EV, as long as served by wireless chargers around the town. The technology, which dates to inventors such as Michael Faraday in the 1830s and Nikola Tesla in the early 1900s, uses electromagnetic energy to transmit power between two coils. The most diligent right now is the Qualcomm, but others will catch up. “Automakers know the key to increased EV sales is to improve the charging or fueling experience,” said Andrew Daga, CEO of Momentum Dynamics. “They want to get inductive charging into the market as fast as possible.” In Europe all automakers will resort to hybrids of around 50-70 km electric range to suit the need for long distance trips in their attempt to fend off Tesla and its M3. Therefore, for short city range they might launch BEVs. I suspect Toyota will take similar approach, time will tell …

If it’s a moped, then nothing is wrong. But for a car 100 km range is ridiculous no matter if it’s a city EV or not.

Before you have an infrastructure with wireless charging in the ground batteries will be so cheap that no one would ever consider to put as little as that in an EV.

I think we have enough 100-milers by now. We need to progress further for EVs to take over. And they need to take over.

Oh, 100 km? That’s 60 miles – iMiev territory. I really hope these new cars will be doing better than that!

Awesome! This automatically suggests that the (ex-Citroen) DS3, DS4 and DS5 will get this treatment.

An electric 208 sounds good… if the specs are nice…