Peugeot-Citroen To Launch Cheaper, Longer Range Electric Car – Plug-In Hybrid Coming Too

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Citroën Aircross concept

Citroën Aircross concept

There is good and bad news coming from the PSA Peugeot Citroën annual shareholders meeting held on April 29.

The good news is that PSA will introduce new all-electric and plug-in hybrid models. The new BEV will be less expensive with longer range than the current C-Zero and iOn, both of which are based (re-skinned) on the Mitsubishi i-MiEV platform.

The bad news is they are not coming any time soon despite new CEO Carlos Tavares (formerly at Renault) “bringing EV expertise with him“.

The Second generation all-electric cars from PSA are scheduled to be launched in 2020. 5 years from now!

“They will have a better performance, greater range and a lower price to the customers.”

In 2014 PSA sold about 1,300 Peugeot iOn and Citroen C-Zero. There are electric light delivery vans sold by both brands too, but at even lower numbers.

 “PSA will build new EVs on its EMP1 platform, which will underpin the automaker’s next generation of B (subcompact) and entry-level C (compact) cars.

“PSA will make pure electric cars from the bottom of the market upwards based on the new platform by the end of the decade,” a PSA spokesman told Automotive News Europe.”

Peugeot 308 R HYbrid

Peugeot 308 R HYbrid

On the other hand, the first plug-in hybrid will be introduced by PSA in 2019.

“PSA will also launch a gasoline-electric plug-in hybrid model in 2019 based on the company’s larger EMP2 platform, Tavares said. EMP2 already underpins two of PSA’s core compacts, the Peugeot 308 hatchback and Citroen C4 Picasso, and will also be used for the replacements for the Citroen C5 and Peugeot 508 midsize cars.

“We have completed the architectural aspects and are currently deciding on the battery technology,” Tavares told shareholders at the annual meeting.”

Source: Automotive News Europe

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Can someone raise the range of the Mitsubishi i-miev to 120 miles so I can get one. I’m getting tried of these car makers constantly saying super car is two to five years away.

They can extend distance, but do they really want to,most cars companies will lose money on gasoline motors gas prices will fall to .25cents a gallon. Airinductionchargingandstoragesystem will charge battery without stopping to charge. When batteries get cheaper and stronger, if they make a 2battery car NEVER have to stop and charge switch from one battery to the other charge the one you just used switch back charge the other one.

Too bad they can’t buy a denser battery to change the iMiev variants to 100 milers… seems like it should be doable… and then continue selling that till the new ones… The folks that own those cars seem to like them.

Love my LEAFs. 2 and counting…

Right now it’s phyiscally possible to create a 120 mile range i-miev if I could get acuess to a Kia battery. This is due to the battery having almost double the power of the i-miev.

It may have double the power(KW) but I don’t think it has double the energy(KWH) capacity.

The iMiev has 109wh/kg cells, the Soul (is said to) have 200 wh/kg cells that would bring the iMiev 113 miles. If they should decide to take EV modified Panasonic 18650s
which have 233 wh/kg, they could get up to 134. But if they decide to wait, they could use, for example Oxis energy cells in 2019 with (a promised) 500h/kg and boost the range up to 288 miles.

And then You need to bring battery management infra (and cooling!), and maybe new charger, and maybe new motor.

Quite a lot of engeneering!

All done by 3rd party.

Can’t see it.

If Pepe Le Pew were an iMiEV:

My family has driven Peugeots since the 1959 203, so this is sad news for me. Peugeot is trying to turn around a loss-making situation which has already forced it to sell its motorcycle business to a competitor from India. This press release reveals that PSA is failing to compete in BEVs & PHEVs. The Peugeot iOn is on my shortlist for next commuter car, along with the 3008 Hybrid4. The range of the iOn is too short for my round trip commute, so I would be reliant on the notoriously unreliable public chargers. “The current C-Zero and iOn, both of which are based (re-skinned) on the Mitsubishi i-MiEV platform.” My recollection is that the PSA versions of the i-MiEV are assembled by Mitsubishi on the same production line. Hence any improvement in batteries supplied to Mitsubishi would benefit the PSA versions. It is odd that Yuasa has not improved the cell chemistry that it supplies to Mitsubishi. Yuasa is a major global supplier of starter motor batteries for cars & motorcycles, so they must have a large R&D budget & need to compete with their rivals in Korea, particularly Lucky Goldstar (LG). PSA also uses an SUV from Mitsubishi.… Read more »

“This press release reveals that PSA is failing to compete in BEVs & PHEVs.”
It’s not even trying… Since asking Mitsu to provide a a rebadged i-Miev 5 years ago, they have done nothing at all, and have nothing competitive. No wonder they have stopped selling in several countries outside France…

Even as far as the non-plugin hybrids go, they are not doing anything. These are only available on the expensive cars, not the popular Peugeot 20x / Citroen C3 , P30x/C4 or P40x models .

Boo to PSA. I expected more from the company who made the 2CV, and the DS (not the stupid-styling-exercise-to-take-chumps-money DS3/DS4/DS5) or iconic transportation like the 404 / 504.

Five years is way too late to stay competitive. Nissan, Chevy and Tesla will have had longer range affordable cars out for at least two years by then. Waiting five years for an improvement only ensures that they will be left in the dust or relegated to the ultra low end of the EV offerings.

Quite sad. The iMiev really has potential, just needs to be a little bigger and have a bigger battery, at least to sell in the U.S.

Roughly the same attitude Kodak had towards digital cameras. PSA is a hopeless Total oil company puppet. They therefore will go down the drain together with them once the ev tsunami unfold.

Sad, very sad. It’s positive they’re finally acting on the disastrously low sales of their iMiev copies. And they’re probably pretty jealous of the market share of the ZOE in their home country. But having sold a rebadged car certainly hasn’t helped building their expertise in the EV field. So by the time they put out their own first proper EV, competitors will have developed their own technology for over 10 years. Time will only tell if they can catch up.
But it’s good that more models will be available 😀

I love driving a small car, but after considering the i-MiEV, it came up short with 62 miles rated range. I can’t consider using a 62 mile range car for a 40 mile round trip commute for very long Becuase I want a minimum 5 mile range cushion for small side trips and other unexpected things. If the heating system saps 30% of the range, I’d have only 43.4 miles available in the winter. There went my range cushion. Battery capacity fade will do more still. There’s the reason I won’t consider one, even though it was a decent little car.

Yep, the next wonder EV is always just around the corner. In other words 2-4 years away and they will make about 100 of them, released to a “selected” dealer, who has a shed in the car park outside the Tuktoyaktuk Northmart.

The I-miev/i-On/C-Zero is a decent design, but Mitsubishi/PSA have left it to wither on the vine ever since it was first released. Giving it a 2nd generation update would be simple, and would re-ignite sales and keept Mitsu and PSA in theEV game if/until the wonder-car makes it’s appearence. All the Mitsu really needs is three basic changes – a modern, high-density battery (as the car is so light and has a small motor, it doesn’t need to be huge, 25kw/h would do), a better quality interior and new heat-exchanger/pump based HVAC with heated windscreen to make winter driving more energy efficient.

Offering different trim levels would be a good move too.