Peugeot 308 Beats BMW i3 and Tesla Model S For European Car of the Year Award


Sometimes, voting on the winner of an automotive award can be quirky.

Peugeot 308 Wins European Car of the Year 2014

Peugeot 308 Wins European Car of the Year 2014

Such was the case for European Car of the Year (ECOTY) 2014.

You’d figure that either the BMW i3 or Tesla Model S (both finalists for the ECOTY 2014 award) would win, but the two plug-ins split the electric vote, which means that neither were crowned champ.

Instead, the lowly Peugeot 308 came out on top.

As Autocar report’s live from the Geneva Motor Show floor:

“Peugeot wins ECOTY ahead of BMW i3 and Tesla Model S, which clearly split the electric vote. No quarrel with the 308, which is a very well sorted example of its kind, but still feel it’s an opportunity missed to pass over a revolution like the i3 in favour of something so very conventional.”

BMW i3 - Live Image From Geneva

BMW i3 – Live Image From Geneva

Here’s how the voting went down:

  • Peugeot 308 – 307 votes
  • BMW i3 – 223 votes
  • Tesla Model S – 216 votes
  • Citroen C4 Picasso – 182 votes
  • Mazda 3 – 180 votes
  • Skoda Octavia – 172 votes
  • Mercedes-Benz S-Class – 170 votes

Combined, the BMW i3 and Tesla Model S accounted for 439 votes, but with 2 plug-ins among the finalist, the votes got so split between the pair that neither had a chance at victory.

Source: Autocar

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8 Comments on "Peugeot 308 Beats BMW i3 and Tesla Model S For European Car of the Year Award"

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Well at least there is more than one good ev for the vote to be split among. Maybe we can have three qualifiers next year.

This looks like the elections in the UK or Canada, where the ridiculous and unpopular Tories often win the premiership because the left-of-center majority splits its vote among 2-3 parties.

What’s special with the appeal of Peugeot 308 as it got over 300 votes while the other six were around 200 (+/- 30) votes? Expecting the Peugeot 308 had a few innovative features in engineering, or with design.

What a shame, the French make a half decent car after like 10 years and it wins the COTY award. Great for Peugeot however, this is the one and only time in history that their car is mentioned in the same sentence as the Model S.

Well its a cheap and roomy car. I like it. Next year the model x sure wins 😉

The BMW i3 would have stood a better chance if could take roofracks, had a bit more room for bulky luggage and could handle a towbar. i.e. If it was as versatile as the Puegeot.

I have seen the 308 and tested Model S.
To me it is more like people were bribed un favor of the 308.

The jet style console of the Model S alone is an innovation. Then it comes acceleration. Handling is superior than bmws – I am a bmw onwer and this is opinion from a lot of people. Interior room: try to fit 5 + 2 in the 308. Maintenance: yes keep changing oil and parts in the 308. As you can see, evidence all over the place juries were on to something… Or maybe they are on something.