Petro-Canada To Equip Fuel Stations With Fast Chargers

FEB 14 2019 BY MARK KANE 38

Petro-Canada will offer fast chargers at its stations in Canada

Petro-Canada, a Suncor business, announced Canada’s first coast-to-coast network of fast chargers, that will initially consist of more than 50 stations, located along the Trans-Canada highway at strategically located Petro-Canada stations from Nova Scotia to British Columbia.

The construction is set to begin in Spring 2019, with sites opening over the next year. So far, there is one station installed at the company’s test site in Milton, ON and it’s free to use for a limited time.

The chargers to be rated for up to 200 kW with an option for an upgrade to 350 kW. Both CCS and CHAdeMO plugs will be available.

“Petro-Canada stations will offer DC fast chargers with both CHAdeMO and CCS/SAE connectors which support a broad selection of vehicles. The chargers can provide up to a 200 kilowatt charge – enough to provide an 80 per cent charge to most EVs in less than 30 minutes. The units are capable of 350 kilowatt charging with future upgrades.

A test site is currently operational at 235 Steeles Ave. in Milton, Ont. For a full list of the locations where an EV fast charge will be available, please visit:”

Kris Smith, executive vice president, Downstream, Suncor said:

“Keeping Canadians moving is what we do. We know the needs of our customers are evolving as we transition to a low-carbon future which is why we are excited to expand our current offering to support this growing customer segment. With more than 1,800 retail and wholesale locations across the country we have the network in place to build Canada’s first electric highway, providing coast-to-coast EV charging for our customers. We’re also investing in the fastest charging EV technology available today, which will be able to easily upgrade as technology advances.”

The plan:

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Awesome! Fits their new slogan

Tesla 3 needs ccs adapter or port in Canada.
In a few years we’ll be left behind with our proprietary plug…

I hear you. The Tesla supercharger/destination has a gap of 1k kilometers between Ontario and the prairies.

This can solve that gap nicely, and they will be rewarded with enough customer.


That is good news.

That map seems a little hokey though. It doesn’t closely follow the trans-Canada highway, and it’s placing stations in the middle of nowhere (i.e.: not close to any existing Petro-Canada stations). I’m guessing they made it up for PR reasons.

AND THERE ARE ONLY 36 MAPLE LEAF ICONS ON THAT MAP. Maybe the map is really an electric fence to keep people from illegally crossing the border.

Build that ev fence

Finish the ev fence.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Fund that ev picket fence!

Mexico will pay for it.

Declare national emergency until built! Make US pay for the fence!

The London tube is all crap but gets where you got to go

Electrify Canada will have competition that’s good. And with CHAdeMO that make it a winner since 2/3 of ev in Canada are leafs.

Does Nissan Canada sell it as the Maple Leaf model? 😉

So…. They showed a Tesla. Will these stations have Tesla plugs on them too?

Unlikely. The car appears to have a Tesla Chademo adapter hanging off the side.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

CHAdeMO adapter.

If Tesla would publish how the Supercharger protocol works all the independent charging stations would supply Tesla plugs.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

It’s simple CAN bus just like Chad.
Everything else is NOT CAN Bus………lol

CAN bus is just the communication method, the way of transmitting. I don’t know, have you ever heard about the OSI layer model? There are a few things missing to the public to make it work.
All the open patent talk but they won’t even provide the information necessary to build 3rd party superchargers.

Good news. A nationwide system will be great, but more personally depending on where they put the charger it may be a solution to many of my problems.


I think this makes sense. there are some small gas stations along the trans Canada where literally the gas station is the hub of the town. here is a link to sites that are up and running.,-111.530039&zoom=4&fuel=ElectricChargingStation

Nice page. Keep in mind some of those locations are L2 charging. They are not all L3 in the locator.

Most of these stations have a L2 EVSE from SunCountry according to PlugShare. Some are not even on the map.

Two locations have L3 chargers: the one in Milton, and one in Mirabel, Quebec (ABB Terra 53 with dual heads, formerly part of the AZRA network). The charger was broken for a while, but someone charged successfully at that location on Wednesday.

Huge! The Prairies need this badly!

Something Truly Exciting is Finally Happening in Canada .. It’s About Time ! .. Let’s Get on with it ! The Sooner The Better !. & The More The Merrier ! * 🙂 *

Oh those Wacky Cannucks, good thinking!

Great news! While this is happening the fat fascist that runs Ontario is removing the charging stations at all the GO train stations. What @#$& head.

Ya.. im pretty sure he didn’t personally order them to be removed.

Nice try though.

Actually he did personal order it. He personally wanted all government involvement and support for electric vehicles of any kind discontinued. I work in news and I have that info on very good authority.

Wow…a network of DC fast-chargers from a tar sands company. Well, I guess it is smart to diversify.

“More than 50” locations to cover the Trans-Canada highway is not that much. According to Wikipedia, the TCH stretches for 7,821 km (4,860 miles). Fifty sites would mean one site every 160 km (100 miles). New Brunsiwck currently has 26 fast chargers in operation, for a relatively small area (73,000 km²).

It’s a start.

This would be similar to how the first trans-Canadian railroad was built with a single main line initially. Then radiating lines were then built from hub locations from that point.

Finally, a way to get across the country in an EV with fast charging!