Petro-Canada Fast Charging Station Checked Out: Video

MAR 2 2019 BY MARK KANE 23

The chargers looks rather impressive and we wish more gas stations follow this route.

The Model 3 Owners Club recently paid a visit to the Petro-Canada gas station in Milton, Ontario, Canada, to see the first fast chargers installed by the company.

Petro-Canada plans to install fast chargers at more than 50 stations along the Trans-Canada highway stations from Nova Scotia to British Columbia.

The first station is currently tested and free to use. Labels on the chargers indicate power output of up to 200 kW (CCS) and 50 or 100 kW in case of CHAdeMO, although it’s not necessarily the real output in the test period. Additional Level 2 AC completes the trio.

The main message from Model 3 Owners Club is to come check out the chargers, give them a try and to encourage Petro-Canada to continue investment.

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I have charged at Sheetz and WAWA fueling stations and think they are great. Clean restrooms and a wide variety of food and beverages. Because EV owners are there for a longer time than ICE car owners I wonder if they are more likely to go in and buy something. I think someone needs to study this as if we’re true perhaps it would encourage other gas stations to offer EV charging.

There is very little profit on the fuel, especially for smaller independent stations. They make their money on the snacks and coffee etc, so I fully agree that the slightly longer charging time of EVs could actually turn into a benefit for these types of places.

If you can’t afford a Tesla, charging away from home can be a big hassle. For my first 2 years of EV ownership I simply took the old ICE car on runs beyond round trip EV range. Things are slowly getting off the ground. It’s also important to have those L2 chargers at the same site so that if the L3 is broken or occupied you won’t be stranded.

It’s curious that a fossil fuel company is dipping it’s toes in these waters while the Canadian gov’t and current Ontario gov’t are doing absolutely nothing to support EVs. Through tax breaks, exploration grants and subsidies the fossil fuel industry is reported to be receiving about 5 billion a year in benefits. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE (as the TV hucksters say). An additional 1.5 billion allocated this year to help Alberta through it’s “rough patch” and another 7 to 14 billion estimated over the next 5 years in the pipeline takeover by the feds. Anyways thanks Petro Canada. Will be happy to pay for the use of your chargers when needed.

Per “It’s also important to have those L2 chargers at the same site so that if the L3 is broken or occupied you won’t be stranded.”,I like to take this suggestion 1 Step Further. I suggest not less that 2 each of AC & DC Charging Stations, at ANY Charging Site; and traffic areas with 6-8 each, with this sight designed for expansion, at the start.

For sure but the high cost of buying, installing and maintaining these chargers is going to keep things on the cautious side.

All three Superchargers in New Brunswick are at Irving gas stations featuring full meal restaurants and #4 is scheduled to begin construction soon. About a year ahead of Petro-Can. Each site also features charging for other EVs.

I own a Bolt EV. Never had an issue with public charging.

Suncor, which owns PetroCanada, is receiving a lot of money from NRCAN for stations just like this:

Alberta deserves to get something out of federalism for once, having paid far more than into it than for years.

As a Canadian, this is great news!

As an American I’m hurt, insulted and envious. Why Exxon/Mobil, BP, Conoco, etc haven’t looked at adding charging stations in their network is a mystery. Giving customers a choice may provide some loyalty as many still have a second ice vehicle.

2 points for properly using envious instead of jealous! 🙂

In the UK at least, BP just bought out Chargemaster who is the current market leader in charging stations. I wonder if they’ll do similar over in the States or roll out Chargemaster’s equipment over there?

fdreyer, There are some BP stations around Charlotte, NC that have EVgo DCFC systems. Have no idea if this is a test market but at least it is a start.

Here is a list of the companies in Canada that should be rolling out charging stations.
Why? Because they are in the business of selling electricity.
Maybe some day they will wake up.

Volt#671 + BoltEV + Model 3

Oh how horrible! A gas company making a buck off EVs. Lol

It’s free.

Excellent note. Even with our iMiEV we can reach Milton 😊.

There is an other point I would like to make. The video is short and stays on the subject. Too many YouTubers love to hear their own voice and yap a lot.

I’ll second that part about the need for short vids. I skip many because they’re just too long and I spend too much time on IEVs as it is!

So do I understand that a fast charger takes one hour and twenty minutes?

This one does, but only because it is not up to full output. At least that’s what I got out of it.

Kenneth Bokor (EV Revolution Show - YouTube)

Correct, I’ve tried that charger too last week and they’ve lowered the output as they are still in testing phase. Hopefully will be cranked up soon, but hey it’s still free so I’ll take 30kW for free anyday!

If Tesla would natively support ChaDeMo or CCS you might get higher charge rates. As the author said, the CCS station is designed for 100kW+

I’m certain all petroleum companies are scared. Even in South Africa, where only 80 EV’s were sold in 2018, Shell announced they will install charging stations in the country this year.