Perun 6h Concept Billed As Tesla Killer Or Maybe Next-Gen Model S…Okay

DEC 28 2017 BY C SMITH 13

Perun 6H Concept

Holy fender flares Batman.

We’ve been seeing a lot of interesting supercar renders in the pages of Bē, but today’s project focuses on an interesting electric sedan that’s being billed as either a next-generation Tesla Model S, or a “Model S killer.” Yes, you can laugh now.

It’s the product of two individuals, Dejan Hristov who handled the design, and Mihael Merkler who did the 3D work, and they’re happy to sell this design to any company interested in entering the EV world. We suspect the duo would also happily sell the design to a company already knee deep in electric cars, especially since some of the renderings already include Tesla’s logo.

Perun 6H Concept

Until that sale comes, Hristov and Merkler call this car the Perun 6H Concept, named after the god of thunder and lightning in Slavic mythology. It’s a fitting name given this all-electric car is conceptualized as utilizing 255 Kw electric motors producing a combined 1,367 horsepower. The car is also said to feature “advanced generation” auto pilot with active chassis technology, solar panels on the roof for charging, and laser headlights. We’re not entirely sure how that would work, but honestly, who doesn’t want to drive a car with fricken lasers for headlights?

We certainly see some inspiration from Tesla in the car’s design, which looks fairly well-rooted in reality as something that could go on sale tomorrow. That is, save for the wildly massive fender flares, which remind us of something from a tuner like Liberty Walk. Unlike many renders we come across, this one comes with an interior design as well. And we must say, the minimalist Tesla approach with a woodgrain finish is rather fetching.

Perun 6H Concept

There isn’t much info given on what all features might be inside, but it does come with suicide doors and cameras that replace external mirrors. The grille is also replaced by a display that can show the automaker badge as well as provide information to oncoming vehicles about road conditions. We’re not sure how effective that would be – seems like closure rates would be too fast to convey anything but the most basic of symbols, like a snowflake or rain drop.

That doesn’t seem terrifically useful to us, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a bit of innovative thinking. We like innovative thinking.

Source: Bē

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I think this car represents the pinnacle of Vaporware. Maybe they could sell it to the on line gaming community, where the details of actually building a car aren’t so important.

Slow news day.

+++++ it’s Goofy Looking .So it’s just as well if it never sees the light of day…

Is that a laundry shoot?

Yea, Franz definitely needs some inspiration…

Looks good above the belt line, and ugly as sin below. I guess they wanted to make the interior even more bland than the M3.

If I was Tesla, I would sue them for using my name.

Nothing more than a sketch, this is going nowhere.

Cameras cannot replace side-view mirrors; my back-up camera is unusable half the time during the summer for rain and all the time in the winter from snow/salt. Another example of non-drivers inventing stupid concepts for cars. I am withholding judgement on the laser headlights as non-refracted light beams for illumination is so ridiculous that no-one could be that stupid, so they must be calling something a “laser headlight” that isn’t really.

And, can’t be a Tesla-killer until there’s another supercharger network. I would have never bought my Model S without it, won’t by a successor without it, no matter individual car specs.

Give the guys a break, they are already bad at design and even worse on marketing. You want them to at least know a bit of engineering too?

That’s cruel.

Love it.

BMW has already laser headlights. This no new idea.

That is a turd. Most suited to Nissan actually. Go back to the keyboard and monitor, try again. No one anywhere in the world is going to give you a dime for this one.

“Tesla killer..”

Just maybe my favorite overused cliche going right now. Been hearing that for years.

Last I checked, Tesla is still very much alive, maybe more than ever.

Looks like ?

Tesla has nothing to worry about here. They should be so lucky this hideous design would be adopted by a competitor.