Automatic Perpendicular Parking In A Tesla Model X – Video


Tesla’s Autopark feature is nifty, but still too slow to be useful really.

Autopark In Action

Bjorn Nyland tried out Autopark with his Tesla Model X and concluded that it was a bit scary and very slow. Nyland was also a bit disappointed by the final park job too.

Video description:

“I tried the automatic parking today. The car went back and forth a few times to park. I would usually park faster and better though. But it’s a very nice feature. Especially one day when the cars drive all by itself.”

The last part of Nyland’s description is what matters really. Someday when cars fully drives themselves, Autopark will be necessary, but for now it’s just a novelty really.

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Michael Will

I find it useful, just wish it would offer itself more often than it currently does in our X90D AP1. It definitely got me into tighter parking spots than I would have tried to parallel park into. The auto-unpark is still a bit strange and I have not tried it successfully yet. Supposedly it works using summon from the phone app, I chickened out before I could confirm last time I tried 🙂