Permits Reveal Tesla Is Working On 40-Stall Supercharger Between Las Vegas And Los Angeles

JUL 17 2017 BY MARK KANE 39

Largest Tesla Superchargers – July 2017 (source:

The County of San Bernardino has permitted a new Tesla Supercharging station with 40 spots at 71808 Baker Blvd, California, between Las Vegas and Los Angeles (see map).

The future: Tesla New Supercharger Location Rendering

It’s the third 40-stall investment that we heard of in couple of days after Kettleman City, CA and Rygge, Norway.

When we checked the library, it turns out that currently there are just two 20-stall Superchargers available and four more under construction. Less than 50 (out of more than 900) have 12-18 stalls, so the switch to 40-stalls is a big jump.

Set of additional permits for Baker indicates that as in case of Kettleman , there will be solar canopys:


A 1 MWh / 5 Powerpack energy storage system also is part of the deal to not blow the power in Baker completely.

The problem with these 40-stall sites along the major routes could be the lack of shopping malls, but great location attracts fast charging stations – earlier EVgo announced Baker as the first site for 350 kW chargers.

County of San Bernardino – Tesla permit for Supercharging station ith 40 stalls

source: Tesla Motors Club (via Electrek),

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All right. Just as i thought power packs to reduce peak draw on the utility. 1MWHr=10 P100 packs!

h = hour


And H is henry. Not really an issue here, but I get tired of seeing MWH all over the place.

@Michael, Ambulator,
I know I was on my phone so I don’t get too anal about stuff like that.

Just thought of something else. If Tesla put in Semi Truck super charging network we might be able to extrapolate what power packs size would be required. The Tesla semi might have a battery 1.2 mwh whick is roughly 10 times the size of a P100D pack.

So If Tesla put in a 40 stall charging station for semi’s, they would need a 10 MWh power pack.

At 100$/kwh that would make the power pack in this Baker SC cost about 100,000$ and and the power pack in the Semi SC station 1 million dollars.


Yes, the cost for BEV “truck stops” will not be cheap, especially if they’re still using li-ion batteries for averaging out power demand. (I still hope they will develop something cheaper for stationary energy storage. Improved flow batteries, perhaps?)

But then, it’s not like a regular (diesel) truck stop is as cheap to build as an average gas station, either.

If you build it, it will be immediately under capacity.

How long before there are lines to charge? When a 100,000 model 3s hit the pavement?
It’s fun to watch.

Lots of those will ‘gas’ up at home.

It is interesting so see how the haters totally disregard the superchargers – not that I am implying that you are a hater in any way. I guess most Nissan Leaf owners don’t use quick charge. I mostly charge our S at home, yes. It was interesting though on a recent trip up to Vancouver from Seattle, I thought I would check out the supercharger on the way home. The trip is totally within the range of the car without stopping. There was free charging and parking for EVs at the hotel we stayed at downtown – the Fairmont. There were a lot of empty spots – 15 available at the supercharging station at a casino in Arlington. One car was traveling from Florida – I guess they do it once a year. The whole thing really made me a believer in supercharging. It was done before I finished a snack – pretty cool.

With a 40 stall location, it would be neat for Tesla to start building a convenience store too.

Wifi, a nice area to eat, some food, Tesla merchandise, pamphlets for their latest cars and solar options, etc.

Also, have a display showing current total charging at that stations, stations across the country, world, how much total energy has been consumed, gasoline use offset, how much energy came from on-location solar, etc. etc.

They could really reinvent the convenience store, and since waits are still a bit longer than a traditional gas station, you’d think it could be fairly profitable as well.

That’s not really a reinvention of the convenience store, that’s a coffee shop. Convenience stores haven’t traditionally been coffee shops because the bleary-eyed travelers trudging in to pee and buy a Twinkie have traditionally been able to do it approximately within the time it takes a gas tank to fill. If cars normally took longer to fuel, this would’ve happened decades ago.

…and back in the day when gas station convenience stores started propping up, in sure someone said its just a grocery store.

I stand by what I said, Tesla has the ability here to help reshape the experience of vehicle fueling beyond just the charger, if they choose to do so.

“They could really reinvent the convenience store…”

Tesla doesn’t need to keep reinventing the wheel, or the convenience store either. There were reports that Tesla was in talks with Sheetz to install Superchargers at their stores.

Sheetz is a franchise that combines a convenience store, restaurant, and gas station. Seems to me that would be the ideal location for a Supercharger station. A convenience store has no place to sit; a restaurant leaves nothing for you to do if you’re not there to eat.

Now, I don’t know that many or most Sheetz stores are located where you’d want Supercharger stations, which would generally be next to a major highway; but in general this is the type of store which it seems to me would be the best “marriage” with a Supercharger station.

I have always thought that the big “auto plazas” would be a perfect location for a Supercharger, and maybe even a Megacharger for the Tesla Semi.

On a recent 2000 mile trip (California to Texas) we found that the best gas prices and amenities were to be found at Love’s, TA, Petro, and Buc-ee’s (in Texas) “truck stops”.

There, you can use a clean bathroom, eat in a restaurant (usually at least a Subway or Hardee’s with table seating, some have better) take a shower if necessary, and refill your coffee bucket for the next leg of the journey.

Easily spend a painless half hour to 45 minutes and leave with a reasonably-full pack of electrons.

I’d even be willing to PAY for the charge to have the amenities, all the gas vehicles are… that would offset the cost of putting the station in and the electricity used.

Have you been to Baker? It’s basically one “big” rest stop.

I highly suggest the Mad Greek!

…And one of the longest hills you’ll ever see on the highway!

Maybe not restaurants but Tesla do seams to be building more then just chargers.

+1 – we haven’t even seen all of the possibilities – I am super excited to see how the network develops!

eVgo 350 kW at baker location was to be completed in June. What’s the news?

Baker is aptly named: they bake everything! Today’s high is supposed to be 112F. Plug in a Leaf, and I wonder if it’d charge at all (or 1kW with 350kW charger). So glad Tesla has liquid cooled battery.

I believe it’s the fact that there will be 40 child’s toys installed. Meanwhile only one EVgo big boy will be available.

I know Baker is a popular rest stop between LA and Vegas but is there really a need for 40 stalls? Genuinely asking. I suppose they wouldn’t put in stalls that they didn’t need but it just kinda seems like a lot. Still, better to have too many than too few!

There is a need for 40 stalls. There have been waits of up to an hour in Barstow to charge and that is before the Model 3.

Remember, you end up occupying a Supercharger for a half hour or so. The throughput through a Supercharger is a lot different than a gas station.

40 stalls would be welcome in Barstow.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

The problem of these 40-stall sites along the major routes could be the lack of shopping malls,”

This opens a HUGE opportunity for someone to prop up some buildings for small shops/restaurants right next door.

There are apparently a Dairy Queen and a Quiznos at that truck stop. It looks like a long walk to anything else.

Baker does, after all, have the world’s largest thermometer!

If theM3 was a hatchback with fold down seats it would be my next car just because of the chargers. Love my 30kwh Leaf but traveling outside the car’s range is just too much of a risk I have discovered. The public charging infrastructure is bad beyond belief.
Last time I tried this, there were 2 Chevy Volts parked at the L2 charger I needed. Neither one charging. Neither one occupied. And they stayed there all afternoon. Aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhh!

As a Volt owner I say just unplug them and park behind them and leave them a note on their window kindly asking them to call you when they need to move their car.

There is nothing wrong with Volt’s using public charging, NOTHING. Any car however that just sits there and doesn’t charge IMO gets what they deserve being boxed in wise.

A place I park at finally realized this and instead of just having 2 parking spots for EV charging they now have 4 parking spots for only 2 connectors. They just made the EV spot on either side of the 2 previous spots also EV charging spots. That way when the other cars are fully charged, which they usually are (and they’re BEVs) you can unplug them and then plug in your car.

Sure their alarm goes off but whatever, move your darn car!

I wasn’t implying there was anything wrong with Volts using the public chargers. There were 2 EV spots for the one charger occupied by the Volts and all the closest spaces were occupied by ICE cars so I couldn’t even get close enough for the cable to reach. Tesla really “gets” charging. Canada? Not so much.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Problems like this will be around for a really long time.
Charge station networks need to implement escalating rates for idle times/camping starting at the first 30 minutes idle time at doubling the rate of cost to charge, then 15 minutes after triple it, the next 15 minutes quad……etc. After the 5th escalation, draw the charge it put in back to the grid……lol

This will continue till the networks eventually make a change to prevent this.

The parking garages that have free charging, good luck trying to find one available!
They camp there all day, 9hrs plus!

There is a Fuddruckers that is next to a gas station convenience store in Ashland Vriginia at a truck stop that would be a good location for a 40 stall EV charger.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Anyone have an aerial view of the Kettleman location on where it will be?

Just curious. Hope it’s close to In-out….. 🙂

GPS coordinates are specified above. Google it! 😉 🙂

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

not close at all…..

Those are some of the most congested car of SC stations.

Big/popular routes from major Tesla ownership area.

About half a mile’s walk from there to the Mad Greek. Not too bad, except in summer of course. Perhaps the Mad Greek and other local establishments may consider delivering take-out orders to the Supercharger station!

Tesla needs to think inside the box…or building. Why park outside? The great thing about electric cars? Zero Emissions! You can refuel them inside buildings. Have you every been to Kettleman City? It’s 100+ in the shade!!! Tesla should build a massive Car Mall filled with restaurants, shops “Clean Bathrooms”! Maybe even a Dome City covered with solar panels? Of course if they made it too nice no one would want to leave.

Only specifics I see here are the standard QED 2 switchgear typically used for Tesla Superchargers. I don’t see any PowerPacks for the Solar Arrays but I’m sure they could be added later if wanted.

We remember the one-liner “free of charge – with pure sunlight”. Maybe that sunlight will come into play on a location like this.

A few years ago, the (more or less) halfway point between L.A. and Las Vegas is the location where waiting times were first reported for any Supercharger. So it’s certainly appropriate for it to be the first, or one of the first, places to get one of the, um, “supersized” Supercharger stations!